About Us

About Homes4uu Founder Tracy Stephens

For 25 years Homes 4 UU has been serving the vacation home community in Central Florida. Founded in 1998 by Tracy Stephens, the company has grown to offer over 700 Disney area vacation homes and condos as well as homes at beach destinations throughout Florida. Tracy, started his career in making dream vacations a reality at the Walt Disney World Company in 1975. There he served in many different roles over a 13-year span. What was the best job at Disney? According to Tracy, it was, without a doubt, being hired as a Disney character. "It was the most fulfilling and fun job imaginable." Tracy spent 3 wonderful years as a Disney character performing in parades, shows and traveling domestically and abroad entertaining groups & children.

Tracy also spent time "on the water" in the ski program as a Disney character greeting families into the parks. "What we did was ski around the back of the large ferry boats waiving to the guests when they first entered the Magic Kingdom. We would wave to them, perform tricks on the skis and in the afternoons we would go swimming in the pools with the kids at The Polynesian, Contemporary & Fort Wilderness."

After working as a character, Tracy spent his last 5 years working as a travel consultant for the Walt Disney Travel Company. That was where he was introduced to the world of travel.

Tracy has been fortunate to be part of this vibrant industry his entire career. Tracy began his "Vacation Home" career in 1995. While still working in the hospitality industry, Tracy began making connections with several vacation home companies and then began representing them in marketing & sales capacities. He moved on from Disney in 1988 and began working in the Central Florida hotel lodging industry where he served in various sales & marketing capacities at some of Central Florida’s top resort properties. Tracy traveled extensively and attended the industry’s top trade shows in Europe, South Africa, South America, Russia, The United Arab Emirates, and many other destinations.

In 1998 Tracy founded Homes4UU and began partnering with some of the top management companies in Central Florida. Today, with these great partnerships, the company offers a hand-picked variety of unique rental properties ranging from two to 14-bedrooms.

Homes 4 UU offers a very personalized approach in assisting each and every guest with all aspects of their Orlando vacation. The company has teamed up with various suppliers of discount attraction tickets, car rentals and travel packages to make your guest experience the very best.