Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway
Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway
Kate K.

It’s almost time for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway to pull away from the station. It’s a wild adventure through all the wacky and unbelievable adventures that Mickey and Minnie can get up to.

The ride starts with a ‘perfect picnic’ in an idyllic setting where Mickey and Minnie are waiting to welcome you, and your driver Goofy. But as your train turns into a tunnel (marked 1928!) and Mickey and Minnie join you in their little red convertible, things take a turn for the weird. With waterfalls, twisters, New York city and a big mean boiler, you can expect this adventure to be off the rails.

And we mean that literally. This is a trackless system, so the train you’re on doesn’t have to follow the laws of physics. If the story would be served by the cars splitting and scattering, then that’s what will happen, you may even find yourself looking back at Goofy at some point!

The preshow is being spoken of as the most surprising, and innovative transition the parks have ever offered. It’s a bit like the moment when you walk into the enchanted Mirror at Belle’s Cottage, or a bit like the flash when Figment transforms his world into a Technicolor explosion.

And guests will be happy to note that the ride entrance itself, and the queue have been kept largely intact with the Chinese Theater façade and interior. You may even find moreDisney memorabilia featuring Mickey Mouse than you did when it was the Great Movie Ride. The only external addition to the building is the new marquee announcing the ride. It has a classic 1920’s and 1930’s art deco look reminiscent of Old Hollywood premiers. And it fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of Hollywood Studios.

Runaway Railway

This ride is the centerpiece of Hollywood Studios, and it is the first time Mickey Mouse will have ever had a ride all to himself. He has appeared in rides like Mickey’s Philharmagic, the Great Movie Ride, and as a feature in Toon Town, but never as the sole star of the show.

And all I can say to that is that its about time. After all:

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