Looking Back on 2019
Looking Back on 2019

Its now 2020, its time to look back at the year that we just finished. 2019 saw massive expansions in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, a new ride at Universal Studios, and we said goodbye to some old favorites in Epcot. So lets recap 2019!

Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure is the most recent addition to Universal Studio’s and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There was a lot of outcry at Universal’s overuse of screens in rides in recent years, but have no fear, Hagrid’s is a fully immersive experience complete with audio-animatronics and a coaster track that should please even the most avid of coaster enthusiasts. (Speaking of Coaster Enthusiasts, you should check out the Skyscraper in our coming attractions post, the worlds tallest Roller Coaster is coming to Orlando. You can check out our more detailed post here.

Galaxy’s Edge the Land of Star Wars

Galaxy’s Edge, the long anticipated Star Wars Expansion, finally opened its hyperspace port this past year. Galaxy’s Edge is an immersive land complete with Blue Milk, Storm Troopers and the Millennium Falcon. You can build a custom lightsaber (though whether or not you can have it out in the park is up for debate). You can even catch Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Rey and R2-D2 out and about in the park!  

Trip Tip: You can use the Mobile App to order food at Ronto Roasters and the other dining destinations in Galaxy’s Edge!

Smugglers Run

Smugglers Run is one of two rides in Galaxy’s Edge. The story behind the ride is that Hondo Onaka has hired the Falcon off of Chewbacca for a short trip and you get to be a part of the crew! With 3 positions and 6 passengers you may find that your performance has changed the scenery a bit.

Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance is the penultimate Disney and Star Wars experience. This ride has it all. It has audio animatronics, holograms, droids, and interactive characters spots, laser fire and more! There are multiple chapters of this ride. It starts with a preshow that introduces BB8, A holographic Rey and a residence ship including video of characters from the show. But the resistance ship is only the first part of the ride!

The ride vehicle gets captured by a star destroyer, and the next thing you and your group knows you are detained by First Order officers, storm troopers and even Kylo Ren himself. The ride has massive star battles outside the ship, prison breaks, AT-AT walkers, live laser fire and it fits seamlessly into Batuu and the rest of Galaxy’s Edge. 

This is the ride that everyone was waiting for, without it Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t nearly as impressive as it now is with this amazing ride. There is an article on our blog with a spoiler filled video, but if you prefer to remain spoiler free, you can keep reading. 

Star Tours: New Destinations

Star Tours is still going strong in Hollywood Studios, and rather than closing doors or being phased out. There are new scenes from the latest star Wars Film! So head to the ride for an extra bit of Star Wars fun!

A few fond farewells: The Closing of Future World, and more Epcot Changes

2020 and 2021 are going to be filled with new attractions and three new lands in Epcot’s Future World. So that means saying goodbye to a few old friends. Club Cool has closed, and the Innovations buildings are saying goodbye as well. The Fountain of the Nations has been removed. But don’t worry, they kept some of the water from the original fountain to put into the new version that will be coming in the next few years!

IllumiNations had its last show in the World Showcase Lagoon. In its place is the current show Epcot Forever, which features new music, pyrotechnics and the flying kites. This show will run up through 2021.

Stay tuned for what’s coming to the parks in the next two years!

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