2021 is set to be a red-letter year at Walt Disney World with the 50thanniversary. But there is a lot to look forward to in 2020 and plenty of reasons to plan a trip to the parks!

Galaxy’s Edge

A lot has happened in the Disney Parks this year with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. Batuu is an experience like no other with highly immersive theming that truly takes you to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Heading through the gateways, you’ll find yourself in a brand new world where cultures from across a distant galaxy meet and mix. 

You’ll find smugglers like the infamous Hondo Onaka, and even get to fly the fabled Millennium falcon. Characters from the latest installations of the films rove the park and you may even find yourself being interrogated by Kylo Ren himself!

Rise of the Resistance is Open, Join up now!

The crown jewel of the new land is the Rise of the Resistance experience. This ride is the pinnacle of immersive experiences. You’ve been asked to join the Resistance, and your adventure takes you further into the galaxy than you’ve ever been before. Your ride vehicle is a prisoner transport driven by an astromech through an Imperial Star Destroyer. The ride has a trackless system, making you really fell as though your droid guide were really directing your trip. Through the ride you’ll encounter blaster fire, live light sabers, Kylo Ren and an AT-AT walker (and depending on which track you end up on, you might even get shot at by one!). 

The ride even has a short drop before you fly back to the surface of Batuu!

This is the ride that Star Wars fans have been waiting for. And while some (myself included) my have liked a OG trilogy cast of characters in the ride, the experience is still a brand new must do for the parks,  and one of the best rides Disney has ever created.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad, Gosh!

Later on in the spring Walt Disney World will also open in 2020. Not much is known about the ride system or the ride itself, but it is the very first ride based entirely off of Mickey Mouse. It’s the perfect addition to the parks and will fill the space where The Great Movie Ride once lived. 

Epcot Film Debuts, Restaurants and Fireworks (Oh My)

Epcot is also getting updates to many of the films shown throughout the park as part of its multi year update that started this past September with the closing of a large portion of what was once known as future world. The updates will be monumental, and some are already on their way. 

New films will be showing in the Canadian Pavilion and the China Pavilion as well as the addition of a Beauty and the Beast sing along added onto Impressions De France. A new film called Awesome Planet will open in the Land Pavilion in the space where the circle of life once sat. 

A new firework show will debut in 2019 as well. It’ll be called HarmoniUS and it’s rumored to be something spectacular. New restaurants will also be opening including the long awaited Space 220, which lets you feel like you’re dining on a space station. There are plenty more exciting additions coming to Epcot in the next years, but at least one new attraction will be opening in the next year!

Ratatouille (Not to be confused with Rat and Patootie)

Another grand opening will be happening in Epcot in 2020. The France pavilion will be welcoming a new attraction in the Ratatouille ride. The ride is a trackless system that shrinks you down to the size of, well, a rat. You’ll go through walls and under counters in Gusteau’s restaurant. The ride does use an abundance of screens and 3-D glasses to fully pull you into the action. 

We aren’t sure yet if the ride in Walt Disney World will be identical. But with the more recent pull back from the overuse of screens in the rides we may find an attraction that is even more of a hybrid than its European counterpart. 

So Head to Walt Disney World in the Fall of 2020

This is just a small sampling of what’s heading to the parks in 2020. If you want to catch all of it you should plan on heading down to Orlando in the late summer or early fall. We’ll be waiting for you!

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