Halloween Horror Nights are Universal Orlando’s answer to spooky fun. With spine chilling, haunted houses and mazes, live scarers and even hands-on chase zones, this venue is not for the faint of heart or your children. But if you are dead set on getting the stuffing scared out of you, here are some of the new additions you’ll find in 2019.

Stranger Things

The Netflix based horror series was a massive hit. Based in Indiana in the 1980s this show brought nostalgia to a television series length creature feature. And Universal decided to honor the show with the longest maze of the year. Walkthrough iconic scenes from the show as you hide from Demodogs.

Universal Movie Monsters

One of the newest mazes is based on all of the Universal Movie Monsters from Dracula to the Mummy. If you love old campy creature features, then this is the maze for you!


Ghostbusters is another new maze this year. Based on the popular movie series, keep an eye out for the slime monster and the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man!

Jordan Peele’s ‘US’

Us was one of the most popular horror films of the year. In this maze, you’ll be following the journey of the Wilson family as well as ‘The Teathered’ as the story unfold.

Halloween Marathon of Mayhem

This show is a bit tamer than the rest of the event. You can head to the lagoon for a projection show featuring clips from the films and tv shows that inspired the mazes. Its 10 minutes of hands-off horror before you head back into the fray.

The Scare Zones

Scare Zones aren’t a new feature for HHN, but the themes of the zones are new every year. This year you can find a Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe zone, a zone with the Viking undead, an 80s arcade with chainsaws, a walking horror movie and the grotesque vanity ball. Remember, actors will mingle with the crowd, so you enter these zones at your own risk. (Though, to be fair, your safety isn’t ever at risk…just your sanity!)

This are just a few of the attractions you can encounter at HHN. Head to Universal Orlando for this event, but remember it’s for hardcore fear fans only!

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