Galaxy’s Edge has finally come to Walt Disney World.

After much anticipation, Galaxy’s Edge, the planet Batuu, has opened in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. The layout of the new land is very similar to its sister land out in California. You’ll find the same marketplace, the same restaurants, and the same rides. But there is some updated information we wanted to bring you now that the land has had its official debut.

Galaxy's Edge has opened!

Smuggler’s Run

While we wait for Rise of the Resistance to open the star of Batuu is, without a doubt, the Millennium Falcon. Smugglers Run is an interactive attraction offers a twist on the traditional motion simulator rides. Instead of heading through a preset adventure, the people in the cockpit are in full control of the way the ride moves. The two pilots control the pitch and elevation and the engineers can do repairs on the fly. The gunners get graded on their accuracy.

The original concept was that your score would impact your day in the land. While that specific element hasn’t been introduced into the parks (though there is always the potential for an update) the Falcon’s hallways will change depending on your score. The iconic interior of the ship will display damage if your crew doesn’t do well on the trip. The worse you do the worse the damage will be. So while the full incentive to do well isn’t in place, you’ll still see the results of your actions as soon as you land!

Getting Arrested

Florida hasn’t known for its roaming characters like Disneyland is. In the California park, characters like the Fairy Godmother, the Mad Hatter and the like will actually come to you and impact your day! But the Florida park is one of the most visited amusement parks in the world, so having the characters out isn’t logistically feasible. You may find characters dancing at a dance party in the streets, and a few of the lesser-known characters have begun to initiate interactions in the last few years.

But in the last few years, Hollywood Studios has really begun to buck that trend with the mark of the First Order and the roaming Toy Soldiers and the like. And galaxy’s Edge takes that to a whole new level. Roaming Stormtroopers will stop guests for questioning and have even started initiating ‘arrests’ where a guest will be escorted to another area before being let off.

Other fun interactions include Chewbacca doing repair work on the air crafts while guests walk by and Rey and Kylo Ren coming up to guests during the day.

Welcome to Batuu

More Food Options

There was a lot of speculation about why Disney staggered the opening dates between the two parks. But one valid reason that was brought up was that they were hoping to work out any bugs out in Disneyland under limited capacity before opening the land in the busier Walt Disney World location. And they were able to learn a lot. They kept track of which merchandise sold out and what food was popular.

In Florida, you’ll be able to buy Blue and Green Milk in multiple locations, rather than the single kiosk in Disneyland. Orga’s is better stocked as well, and there have been fewer complaints of selling out of food and drink than there had been in California. So don’t worry about getting to try Rancor meat or blue milk. There is now plenty to go around. But one thing you won’t find? The metal sporks have been removed from the park after they started disappearing from the parks and showing up on eBay.

But good news, the TSA has decided you can take that thermal reactor Coke bottle home with you, so you can have your food-related souvenir after all!

Bring extra money to Batuu

There is one drawback to Galaxy’s Edge, and that is that two of the three current attractions require an extra purchase to participate. Both the droid factory and the Lightsaber assembly experience will cost you. You can enter the shops without a purchase, but you may miss out on seeing a surprise character during the experience. And don’t plan on keeping your lightsaber out with you for the whole day. Guests have reported that the cast members will tell you that the First Order is around and you should hide your artifact. But you can bring it out for any photo spots you want to pose for.

Get Ready to Go to A Galaxy Far A Way

But at the end of the day, what you need to know is that you can now head to a Galaxy Far Away. For those of us who have been fans of Star Wars since its initial release, first re-release or even the new era films, this is a dream control. So may the force be with you and bright suns all, Batuu is open for business.

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