There’s been some talk recently about just who can head to Orlando, and Disney. But despite what certain detractors would have you believe, it is perfectly ok to head to Walt Disney without the kids! So for all you ‘childless millennial’, all you empty nesters and all you parents who need a second honeymoon, or just a second to breathe, fall is the perfect time to head to Florida for a Grown-Up trip to Orlando.

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School is back in session

One of the best things about heading to Disney for September, October or November is the start of the school year. Why? Because once the kids are back in school, park attendance drops drastically. Local kids start back in the middle of August so local family attendance isn’t as high during the weekdays. And kids in the rest of the country are all back in school by the first week of September. Most families don’t plan trips during the first few months of the school year (though it really is one of the best times to go!).

In fact, I’ve got this handy infographic from Magic Guides that show September as the only month with almost exclusively low crowd days! Though keep in mind that Fall 2019 is when Galaxy’s Edge is opening in Hollywood Studios, so that park is going to be busy…but you can expect the other three to be wide open!

Cooler Weather

When you’re planning a trip to Orlando Florida, you have to take the weather into account. In the summer the heat index on the pavement can reach in the hundreds. And in the winter and spring, you can get days in the fifties all the way down to just about freezing. But as you head into fall the humidity in the area starts to drop to more comfortable levels while the temperatures stay in the 70s and 80s creating much more comfortable conditions for full days exploring the parks.

But make sure you watch the weather forecasts because while the weather is cooling down the water temperatures in the Gulf and Atlantic are still high so Hurricanes are a possibility. But even then you’re not likely to have to worry much, Walt Disney World has only had 7 days in their entire history where they had to close due to weather conditions. You might get rained on, but ironically enough that’s something that can happen any time of the year in the Sunshine State.

The Food and Wine Festival

One of the best reasons for an adults-only trip to Orlando in fall are the special events that are tailored to grown-ups. Now you can bring your kids to Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival, but most of the events, booths, and offerings are tailored to a more mature palette. In fact, half of the festival can only be enjoyed by the over 21 crowds! With wines from local wineries and wineries across the globe, this festival caters to the more adventurous diners and imbibers. And just think, you won’t have to spend your time trying to get your kids to try something new!

Halloween Horror Nights, not for the little ones

There are multiple Halloween parties in Orlando in the fall. Disney has the Not So Scary Halloween Party on select nights which is aimed at the whole family. But Universal’s Halloween event is most decidedly not. Halloween Horror Nights feature houses, creatures and shows straight out of your nightmares, or at least straight out of some of the most popular horror franchises known to man. And while titles like Ghostbusters and Stranger Things may make the event seem like something you’d want to take the kids to, Universal strongly advises that no one under the age of 13 come to the event.

So if you like to be scared out of your mind, this is something you should schedule into your trip. But it’s a reason to leave the little ones at home!

Discounts on Homes and more

Even though the weather is great, the crowds are low and the special events calendar is jam-packed, the fact remains that Fall is fully into Orlando’s ‘low’ season. But that’s a good thing for you and for your pocketbook. This means that the rates are cheaper on homes across the board. So get together with your friends and rend a home for your whole group and you’ll get far more bang for your buck than you would in the summer or during the holidays! Do you have your eye on one of the mansions in Reunion Resort? Well call up your friends and split the cost and you could be vacationing in the lap of luxury for less than $50 per night per person.

Infinity Pool at Twilight - Treasure Hunt - 8 Bedroom Hidden Mickey Vacation Home - Homes4uu

So gather up your friends, or head on down with just you and your significant other and spend a (guilt-free) adults-only trip in the Orlando area. We promise you, you won’t regret it!




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