Buckle up everyone, we’re in the final flight pattern for Walt Disney World’s version of Galaxy’s Edge.

What’s Galaxy’s Edge

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention to any Disney news this summer, Galaxy’s Edge is the new Star Wars expansion happening in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The Disneyland version replaced part of Frontierland as the 8th themed area in that park. In Walt Disney World the expansion will open in Disney’s Hollywood Studios as part of that parks reimagining.

What’s the Story

Galaxy’s Edge exists in the era of the most recent trilogy. It’s located at the Black Spire Outpost on a planet called Batuu. It’s the most wretched hive of scum and villainy to be found outside of Mos Eisley. Here you’ll find pockets of Resistance forces as well as the First Order mixed in with the smugglers and adventurers.

Historically Batuu was once a thriving spaceport on the edge of wild space. Here traders from various parts of the galaxy could exchange wares or refuel before heading back out into the sub lightspeed highways. However, with the dawn of hyperspace travel, the stopover was no longer needed and the thriving city turned into a place where those wanting to avoid attention could hide. It’s rumored that Anakin Skywalker visited Batuu during the Clone Wars, then again as Darth Vader during the Empire’s heyday.

Most recently you will find that Hondo Undanta has established his smuggling ring on Batuu. And if you stay long enough you might find some familiar faces stop through as well!

The Rides

Galaxy’s Edge has two rides planned, one for opening day, and one that will open during the Christmas Season. The first is Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run. And the Second is Rise of the Resistance which will open on December 5th (which many of you may recognize as Walt Disney’s Birthday!) We still don’t know much about the Rise of the Resistance ride since it hasn’t opened in California yet, but the Millenium Falcon has.

Smuggler’s Run

This is probably the biggest draw to Galaxy’s Edge: the promise of flying the Millenium Falcon. You have signed up to do a smuggling run for Hondo Undanta (from the Clone Wars series and later from Star Wars Rebels). Hondo has convinced Chewbacca to lend him the Millenium Falcon for the theft and guess what, you get to be the crew.

You and five other guests will be assigned jobs: two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. You’ll get to board the iconic ship and walk through the halls and the lounge you may remember from ‘A New Hope’ (Luke even left some of his training gear in the hold!).

How to do your jobs

When you’re ready you’ll enter the cockpit and start your jobs. The pilot and copilot each get one direction to steer in, up and down for the co-pilot seated on the right (Chewy’s seat) and left and right for the pilot seated on the left (Han’s old seat). You’re in charge of avoiding obstacles and lining the Falcon up for the gunners and engineers to set the harpoons on the ship with the cargo you want to …acquire. Try not to run into anything, it will lower your score!

The gunners are there to shoot down any interference the first order may send your way. But don’t just hold down the trigger! You’re scored on the accuracy of your shots, so wasting ammo will lower the score for your group. Try to hit your target as best you can.

The engineers sit in the back and are in charge of fixing the ship as you go. Try to hit the correct buttons as fast as you can to make the repairs you need. You can fire the harpoons when asked, but the gunners can take that job as well.

The better you do in this run, the better shape the ship will be in when you leave! And your score can carry over into the cantina as well!

The Droid Factory

When your done delivering the goods to Hondo, you can go and build your own droid. You can pick the type of droid you want (an R unit or a BB unit) and pick your own parts. Certain parts come in sets, so you can only customize things like the color of the head vs. body or leg colors, etc.

Once you’ve got your parts you can head over to the assembly station where you will build your droid. When you’re done a worker will help you activate your new friend. You can purchase alternate personality chips for your droids as well. Once it’s online, your droid may even interact with other droids in the parks! Your very own astomech will cost you $99.99 credits though, so plan accordingly!

The Jedi Enclave

This secret Jedi space must be kept safe from the First Order. So expect a high level of secrecy as you wait to enter the space. You can pick the type of ‘artifact’ (read lightsaber) you want to build based on different characteristics. Peace and Justice reflect the Jedi weapons of the old republic. Power and control will give you a sith weapon. Elemental Nature adds natural pieces found in, well, nature while Protection and Defense offer ancient pieces that predate even the republic!

Once you’ve chosen the type of ‘artifact’ you want to build you’ll be told to wait until Savi to come get you.

Savi is a scrapper who has spent his life gathering pieces of lightsabers in the hopes that a hero would come to his shop to build one someday. Inside his shop, you’ll find the Gatherers, a group dedicated to collecting the history of the force to be shared with others. You’ll find Holocron, kyber crystals and Jedi robes along with your very own lightsaber. And keep an eye out, as the Black Spire Outpost expands, you may find more ways to use your new Jedi weapon than you expected!

A handbuilt lightsaber will cost you around $200. But the experience boasts special guest appearances and a show that you can’t find anywhere else.

Food and More

And of course, what outpost would be complete without a place to refuel? There are plenty of options including blue milk and bantha meat. The meals can only be found on Batuu and have interesting flavor mixes that you wouldn’t expect! Head over to Oga’s Cantina for a drink and a meal. It’s like stepping into a bar on Tantoine, but without the chance of getting into a blaster fight. You can purchase alcohol from across the galaxy here as well, so make sure you have some identification on you!

Ambiance and Architecture

This is set to be the most immersive expansion in Disney history. Each piece of architecture is out of this world. The restrooms (Refreshers… don’t ask for a restroom here!) are even themed to look like something you’d find in a rest stop. But don’t worry, they are actually clean! There are animal sounds, and hidden creatures and races you won’t find on earth. Each and every piece of this place is from a Galaxy Far Far Away, and I for one can’t wait to see it!



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