Blizzard Beach Accessibility Edition – Limited Mobility
Blizzard Beach Accessibility Edition – Limited Mobility
Kate K.

If you’re like me, then you know what it’s like to travel with a family with individualized needs. In my family, we have a person with limited mobility, a person with autism, one with food allergies and one with low vision. So accessibility options at the parks are high on my priority list of things I need to know before I go.

One thing that Disney has always done a stellar job at is making accommodations when guests need them. Of course, we’ve hit a few snags along the way (like those tricky curbs around the old Magic Kingdom Hub). But my hope is to take those experiences and translate them into helpful tips and tricks to make someone else’s stay a little bit better. This time I’ll be covering Blizzard Beach. If you’d like more info on everything Blizzard Beach has to offer, you can read about it in our blog post!

Blizzard Beach Entry Shot

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Navigating Blizzard Beach with Mobility Issues

If you have limited mobility, have no fear; you can still enjoy much of what Blizzard Beach has to offer! Many of the water rides are accessible if you are able to transfer from your chair or have a family member who can help you out of your chair and into a raft. And many of the slides are within a short walk of chair lift if you can only walk short distances.

Getting a water Chair

While many of the slides and attractions are wheelchair accessible, there is a limitation to the kind of chair you can take through! To access the slides and transfer options, you have to have a specially designed PVC water chair to get full access to the slides. When you get to the park you can ask quest services for a Water Chair and you will be provided with one of the PVC chairs. These chairs are fully waterproof and can roll right into the water.

You can store your regular chair in a cabana. If you’re concerned about security, you can bring a bike lock and hook it to a pillar or pole near where you store your gear. I’ve never had issues with anyone taking our family’s mobility gear, but we do have our name painted on the back in massive block print.

Once you have your chair you can line up in the handicapped line for the chair lift with your party. Only one guest will get to go into the specially designed Gondola with you, so make sure everyone knows who’s riding with whom! You can send your kids up before you or after you, but the cast members will do their best to keep your party together.

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Slides with Accommodations for Limited Mobility

There are 5 slides in the park that allow for transfers from wheelchairs. You can access all of the slides in the bark from the chair lift, but keep in mind that each time you ride, you’ll have to take the lift back up to the top. So plan a little extra travel time into your day!

Team Boat Springs

Once you get off the lift at the top of the hill, Team Boat Springs is to your right. When you get to the front of the line your Chair will be loaded into a raft and floated down before you so it’s ready for you at the bottom of the ride!

Slush Gusher

Slush Gusher is the second-largest slide in the park. It can be found to the left of the chair lift at the top of Mount Gushmore. This slide is another where you have to be able to transfer, but if you can you’re in for a super-fast treat!

Snow Stormers and Toboggan Racers

Snow Stormers is another ride that you can transfer into. It’s a toboggan mat style ride and you have to be able to lay on your stomach to slide. Your chair will be waiting for you at the bottom of the ride. The same policy applies to the Toboggan Racers. Both of these slides can be accessed by the path at the top of Mount Gushmore.

Runoff Rapids

Runoff Rapids is a set of 3 slides at the far end of the mountain. You can access this slide at the top of the mountain, but keep in mind that you have to get your raft at the bottom. Ask a cast member for help and they can get you set up for a rip-roaring ride.

Meltaway Bay and Cross Country Creek

Speaking of, the pool at Blizzard Beach is an infinity-edge pool design so there are no steps to navigate. You can wheel right into the water and swim, or switch to a raft and enjoy the motion of the wave pool. And the Lazy River, called Cross Country Creek, has an accessible entrance as well, you can transfer to an intertube and drift your way around the park as much as you’d like.

Blizzard Beach Meltaway Bay

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Which Rides Require Being Ambulatory

As fantastic as Disney is with making accommodations for guests, there are certain rides that require guests to be ambulatory. This is partially due to how you access the rides but in some situations, it’s for guest safety. The rides you won’t be able to ride if you are wheelchair-bound are:

Summit Plummet

Summit Plummet is a straight drop slide and one of the most intense rides in all of Walt Disney World. This ride absolutely requires you to be fully mobile and be able to get yourself into and out of the shoot. Especially getting into as it is a full two flights of stairs to get to the slide loading area. And it is not recommended for folks with back issues and can be a bit on the painful side if you are ‘pooh sized’ or have any joint issues. But no worries, Slush Gusher is still waiting for you! And is, in my opinion, much more enjoyable!

Summet Plummet

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Double Dipper

The Double Dipper is one of the only other slides in the park that you can’t transfer into. There are plenty of stairs to get onto this ride. And the tube design doesn’t allow cast member to send the chairs down the slides. So even though two slides in the park don’t have accommodations for limited mobility, there are still 5 slides for you to play on!

Everything Else

There are also chair rentals and EVC rentals in Blizzard Beach, but you cant take the EVCs to the top of the chair lift. And all the restaurants and restrooms should have an accessible option for you. There are also companion restrooms for those needing a little more assistance than others.

So have a fantastic day at Blizzard Beach, and don’t let limited mobility keep you from a fun day in the Florida sun!

If you want more information on how Walt Disney World handles all accessibility and accommodations you can check out their official site

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