Making the Fourth of July at Disney Memorable, Magical and Stress Free
Making the Fourth of July at Disney Memorable, Magical and Stress Free
Kate K.

We’ve written quite a few posts about the Fourth of July here at the Homes4uu blog. We have written about the History of the day, and how to spend a history-filled day at the Magic Kingdom. We’ve also done posts on how to spend the day in the rest of Orlando. Today I’d like to give you 10 tips for making the Fourth of July at Disney Memorable, Magical and Stress-Free

Fourth of July at Disney

I. It’s a Two-day Experience, so Plan Accordingly

When you’re talking about the Fourth of July in the parks, you’re really talking about the Third and Fourth of July. That’s because Disney knows there is so much to choose from that you shouldn’t have to. The two parks that have the most for the Fourth of July are Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. So you’re going to want to spend a day at each. It doesn’t really matter which way you plan it, but the fireworks at Epcot are better in my opinion (more classically patriotic). So you want to make sure you see those. Of course, I love the fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom as well, it’s very immersive. (More on the Fireworks in a moment)

2. Pack for the Heat

Orlando summers are known for heat, humidity, and thunderstorms, so you need to plan for that. Pack plenty of sunscreen, a fan or cooling towel, and a poncho. And try to break up your day with either air conditioned rides, shops or queue lines. Example, the inside of Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain or Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. You’re going to need to keep hydrated, so pack a water bottle or two. Which leads us to our next tip:

3. Take Advantage of the Free Water

Disney does offer free water. You just have to ask for it. Go to any Disney Dining Location and ask for a cup of water and get hydrated. Unless you’re from the South you will not be prepared for the relentlessness of the heat in a Florida summer. 

4. Pack Snacks, Eat Light

This isn’t a money saving tip as much as its a way to stay more comfortable and alert. The heat can make you drowsy, eating a massive Disney Dining Meal and then heading back into the heat can make you downright sleepy. So I’d suggest eating light during the day, you can pack a small picnic lunch of sandwiches (More on the regulations here). Or you can get smaller quick service meals throughout the day. Save your bigger meal for after the sun goes down and things start to cool off a little bit. In the meantime, have a Dole Whip!

Dole Whip

5. Get Ready for the Crowds

Fourth of July is one of the busiest days in the year at Walt Disney World. And that means that you need to be ready for wall to wall traffic, long wait times and jam-packed firework viewing sessions. Make sure you look at your maps before you go so you know alternate ways around crowded areas. And download the MyDisneyExperience app for Fast Passes and wait times.

6. Don’t Plan on Leaving the Parks

These are very crowded Days and the parks can shut the gates if the park reaches capacity. So do not plan on leaving to parks for any reason, if you do you may not get back in. This also applies if you are late afternoon park goers, you may not be able to get into the parks if you don’t head over early. So plan for a full day. If you have younger kids, you can use the baby changing station for a quiet place. And the lobby of the Hall Of Presidents typically makes a good napping lounge. Or so I’ve been told.

7. Don’t Plan on Riding Many Rides

The lines will get ridiculously long, so get your fast passes locked in as soon as you can and try to pick your absolute must do’s but don’t plan on much much. If you go into this day ready for a smaller ride list you’ll avoid disappointment. But if you see a short line, jump in! 

8. Get Your Gear Online

The shops can also get insanely crowded at this time of the year. So if you want a particular set of ears, or a certain shirt see if they’re selling it online. If they are then you should buy it before you head down. You’ll have the added bonus of having it ready to wear as soon as you go as well!

9. Pick a Good Fourth of July at Disney Firework Spot Early

This is very important. Do not, under any circumstances, wait until its time for the fireworks to pick a spot. There won’t be any. And if you’re traveling with a Wheelchair or EVC you need to head to a spot a good half hour to 45 minutes prior to fireworks. Otherwise, you’ll end up watching from behind a tree, or in a less than stellar spot like Tomorrowland. New Fantasyland and Frontierland work as back up spots though. Epcot has the advantage here since you can see the show from anywhere in the World Showcase and parts of Future World. but much of the magic focuses on the American Pavillion in this show, so you’ll want a spot that has a good view there. You can also book one of the lagoon side dining options for show time and dine while you watch!

The Fourth of July at Disney Fireworks

10. Have Fun

This is my most vital tip. Planning for Disney can be stressful. And having to navigate a holiday in the parks can be hard. Don’t let it get to you. Remember why you’re there. This is your time away and you should enjoy every second of it. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Plan for crowds. Plan for heat. Plan for less ride. But most of all. Plan for Fun.

We hope you have a safe, happy and memorable Fourth of July at Disney (Or at Home!). Happy Independence Day everyone!


Kate K.

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