Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
Kate K.

Welcome to Summer at Blizzard Beach!

It’s officially Summertime in Orlando, and what better way to beat the summer heat than at one of Orlando’s world-famous water parks. Today we’re going to give you everything you need to know to enjoy a day at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. So here is our summery entry into the First Timer’s Guide to Walt Disney World! And don’t worry Disney Pros, you’re welcome to read along as well!

Blizzard Beach Entry Shot

Photo Credit to Kate K.

Extra Extra! Freak Snow Storm Hits Orlando!

In the spring of 1995, Orlando saw a freak snowstorm. All around Mt. Gushmore ice and snow has piled up, giving a group of local entrepreneurs the idea to build a ski resort. So the put in a ski lodge, slopes and a chair lift up to the top of Mr. Gushmore. But alas the Florida sunshine will beat any snowfall and almost as soon as the sun came out the snow started to melt. The park designers were discouraged and started until they noticed one very cold Florida gator sliding down one of the melting ski slopes like a waterslide. And they had an idea. They could keep the ski lifts and the slopes and convert them into the best winter-themed waterpark the world had ever seen!

Or at least that’s what the Imagineers want you to imagine when you walk through the alpine gates of Blizzard Beach.

About the Park

Blizzard Beach is Disney’s largest Water Park with 66 acres of waterslides, pools and lazy river track. When it opened on April 1st, 1995 it was the third water park on the property. The first had been River Country, with Typhoon Lagoon coming next and quickly becoming as the most popular water park on the property. Typhoon Lagoon was so popular that rumor says that guests had to be turned away at the doors. So Imagineers started working on a new idea for a third water park. Blizzard Beach was born from an Imagineer’s snow globe collection and an idea of a Wintery Water Park.

Meltaway Bay

This isn’t one of the ski slopes (ahem…slides), but it is the center of the park. This gentle wave pool has an infinity edge and is perfect for the whole family. The park offers life jackets for the littlest swimmers and you can pick up a Blizzard Beach intertube to use in the water as well. None of the Slides come out into the pool. But navigationally speaking, this is a good place to meet up after splashdown.

You can grab a lounge chair, or four and park your gear (after putting your valuables in a locker for the day of course). Or you can rent one of the cabanas around the edges, called polar patios, for about $300 a day. They come with a cooler, cushioned lounge chairs, towels and a locker for your gear. Or you can rent an umbrella for about $50 a day. I typically go for a locker and park myself on a lounge chair up close to the water. It makes a good central meeting point, and since I rarely stop for more than a snack when I’m at the water parks, I personally can’t justify the added expense. However, if your family is there from the 10 am opening until park closing at 8 pm you might have different priorities!

Blizzard Beach Meltaway Bay

Finding your way around the park

The waterpark is arranged like a traditional ski resort, with slides divided up into slopes. The slopes are labeled Green, Red, and Purple. And even though traditional ski resorts use green for the easiest slopes, that’s not the case in Blizzard Beach. There are stairs to access these rides, or you can use the Ski Lift for a leisurely, and easy, climb up Mt. Gushmore.

But keep in mind, though, that the ski lift is just like its wintery counterpart. You will be standing on a spot as the bench sweeps up behind you, the lap bar will close and you’ll be up in the air. So if you’re not comfortable with heights, you may want to avoid this. In fact, you may want to avoid a few of the following slides on the list! And I’ll be doing a separate post on the accessibility options for these rides, so have no fear, we have information for everyone.

Views from the Chairlift

Photo Credit to Kate K.

The Green Slope Rides

The Green Slope is the tallest in the park, right up at the top of Mt. Gushmore. Up here you can find Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher, and Teamboat Springs.

Teamboat Springs is the family-friendly raft ride that takes a group of 4-6 riders down a 1200 foot track to splashdown. This ride loads to the right of the Ski Lift. When you get to the front your group will be loaded in a massive intertube. And if your party is smaller than 6 guests, you may be joined by another group to fully fill your tube. This has happened to us twice, once when it was just my sister and me, and once as the whole family of four. So depending on capacity, even larger groups may get an additional guest or two. The ride is the longest family-style raft ride in the area. And splashdown includes a hidden Mickey you won’t be able to miss.

Slush Gusher is at the top of the mountain as well. It’s not as terrifying as the tallest slide in the park, Summit Plummet (which we will get to in a moment). This ride shares a line with Summit Plummet, but you’ll want to keep to the right. Slush Gusher is 90 feet of thrilling speed. It’s not a straight drop slide and does have a small ‘bunny hill’ in the middle that does offer a moment of weightlessness. This is one of my favorite slides in the park. It’s not as intense, or frankly terrifying, as its big brother. But it still offers thrills and chills as you head down into the water.

Blizzard Beach Slush Gusher

Summit Plummet, the Scariest Ride in the Winterness

Summit Plummet is one of the scariest attractions in the entire park. And I’m not the only one who thinks that! The ride line starts off the same as Slush Gusher. However, guests have to climb an extra 30-foot ski tower to the top! The slide takes 10 seconds and drops you 12 stories almost straight down. This slide is one of the tallest free drop slides you will find anywhere, and those first few seconds where you have to push yourself over the edge onto an almost vertical drop is nerve-wracking. You slide into the tunnel a few seconds into the ride.

And while physics dictates that you are safe as long as you follow the instructions, those first few seconds can feel especially death-defying. And as someone who used to be a bit more ‘Pooh-sized’ in my younger years, this slide can also be a little painful as the water pressure from the drop hits your legs. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but the climb is one of the best views of WDW around. But remember, you’ll have to hold onto your camera and sunglasses (and flip flops) so be wise in what you take up with you!

You have to be 48 inches for both of these intense slides. And Summit Plummet is a photo pass ride on most days, so be sure to pick up your photos!

The Purple Slope

The Purple Slope is off to the left side of Mr. Gushmore. You can access these rides from the ski lift as well. You just have to walk past the Green Slope rides and head down the hill a little bit. Or you can find the stairs to the left of Meltaway Bay. There are three slides on this slope’, and all three are fast-paced racing style rides.

Downhill Double Dipper is a racing slide that takes you down 50 feet in an intertube. Its incredibly fast slide topping off at 25 mph and also has a height requirement of 48 inches. Snow Stormers and Toboggan Racers are two more racing slides. These slides give you purple mat style sleds that you hold in front of you as you slide headfirst down the tracks. In Snow Stormers, you will race down three identical tracks with a few hills in the middle. And Toboggan Racers offers 8 identical tracks for you to race down.

The Red Slope

The Red Slope is tucked around the back of the mountain. You can get there by walking all the way around Meltaway Bay, or by taking the lazy river as a cool, relaxing ‘short-cut’. The red slope is home to the Runoff Rapids: a series of three unique twisty tube slides that take you through full tubes and around curves as you make your way down to the splash pool at the end. There is no height requirement for this ride, and it is accessible if you can transfer from your wheelchair or EVC. Keep in mind that you have to pick up your intertube at the bottom of the slope for this ride.

Blizzard Beach Meltaway Bay

Relaxing in Blizzard Beach Cross Country Style

If you’re tired of the thrills, or you just want to relax, don’t worry Blizzard Beach has you covered. You can head to Cross Country Creek, a 3000 feet, 20 minutes long, lazy river ride. This trip is incredibly relaxing, minus the one or two icy cold waterfalls that you may have to try to avoid.

Kid Friendly section

Out of the two water parks in Walt Disney World, Blizzard Beach is the best for the littlest guests. The first area is Tike’s Peak. This kiddie zone is for the 8 and under crowd. This area includes two short water slides that are for the little ones only! (However, parents can watch from a bridge and there is a lifeguard at the top and bottom of the slope). The other kid zone is the Ski Patrol Training Camp. This is the area for guests between the ages of 5 and 12. There is a rope course that takes kids across a set of floating ‘ice burgs’ and a zip line as well. This area is mostly 12 and under, or in some cased 5’ and under. But parents can spend a bit of time with their tweens in this space.

So that’s the scoop on Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. Stay tuned for more summery updates, and for more Disney Parks Guides from the Homes4uu blog! And if you need tickets for your next trip, we work with Kissimmee Guest Services. So click here for your park tickets!


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