Booking a Meal at Victoria and Albert’s
Booking a Meal at Victoria and Albert’s
Kate K.

Walt Disney World is the vacation destination for millions of families worldwide. It has adventures that can fit every imagination and experiences that will create memories that will last a lifetime. But there are experiences available to guests that defy imagination and break the mold of the classic Disney experience. One of those experiences is a 5-star meal tucked back in the second floor of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. And for those lucky enough to dine there, dinner at Victoria and Albert’s is once in a lifetime experience.

Dining at Victoria and Albert’s is a culinary ballet. It’s a glimpse into a world that many of us will only visit in movies. Every dish is handcrafted. Each glass of wine expertly paired. And each serving is both brought and whisked away with all of the elegance and finesse you’d expect in a royal dining room. And it is a meal so spectacular that it took two blog posts just to cover everything you need to know to prepare for your own experience. So I present for your mental feasting pleasure, a Homes4uu (and K8ilyeverafter) guide to dining at Victoria and Albert’s.concert-harp

The Finest Dining Experience in Walt Disney World

Victoria and Albert’s is the finest dining experience in Walt Disney World. And it is one of the best fine dining experiences in the nation. According to Trip Advisor, it is ranked as the number 2 fine dining restaurants in the whole of the United States and is the only restaurant in Florida to have not only the AAA five-Diamond but the Forbes 5 Star award as well.

The restaurant opened its doors in 1988 and serves seasonal American fare with nightly twists. The dress code is strict, the dining room intimate and the food like no other. But there are a few things you need to know before you decide to book the experience for yourself.

Not for everyone

The dining experience in Victoria and Albert’s is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it isn’t for everyone. Little ones aren’t permitted in the restaurant. So Families with small children under the age of 10 will need to find childcare for their meal.  The meal itself can take about 3 hours from start to finish, so those not willing to spend the time on a single meal may want to look elsewhere. But if you want a gustatory adventure like no other in the whole of the Southeast, then set apart a block of time and prepare your taste buds.

A 5 Star Wardrobe for a 5 Diamond Mealmenswear-shoes

The dress code in Victoria and Albert’s is the strictest in Walt Disney World. Men will not be permitted to enter the restaurant in anything less than dress pants, dress shoes, and a collared, long sleeve shirt. For women, you need to wear at least a pantsuit or skirt and dress shirt for women. Suit jackets are also required. However, if you forget yours at home, then there is a closet with jackets ready for you to use. But they aren’t going to be jackets that you’d usually pick for yourself.

Jeans, shorts, capri pants, sandals, flip-flops or tennis shoes are not permitted. And when I say ‘not permitted’ I mean you will not be allowed through the door. And there is a $100 per person upcharge for no shows or cancellations within 72 hours. So you would be wise to make sure you have everything you need in your suitcase.

Proper Packing is a Must (At Least for the Men)cufflinks

When I dined at Victoria and Albert’s a few years ago we almost found this out the hard way. After a packing mishap, we discovered that at the time there wasn’t a single shop in the whole of WDW that sold men’s dress pants. We were able to avoid disaster, narrowly, but please learn from my mishap. Make sure you have dress pants, dress shoes and a shirt for the men in your group.

Women have it a bit easier since many Disney stores in the parks sell skirts and dresses. You can even get an impressive set of Disney branded flats in Uptown Jewelers on Main Street USA if you’re in a pinch. And if you want to spoil yourself before you spoil your taste buds, many of the Spas on Disney property offer hair, makeup, and manicures for that perfectly polished look. You can even purchase jewelry to match your look in many locations. So even if you forgot your dress, Disney has you covered. After all, they made fairy godmother’s a household name.

Booking the Dining Experience of a Lifetime

The experience starts as soon as you book your meal. You are asked to make your reservations anywhere from 180 days to 3 days before your trip. When you book you will have three dining levels to choose from. The first is the classic dining room where you can choose from the 7-course meal or the 10-course meal with wine pairings. This dining room has all the glamor and exclusivity of a 5 diamond dining experience, so you are free to choose this level without feeling like you’re not having the full experience.

The second room is the Queen Victoria dining room. Seating is very limited since the room only has a handful of tables. And the meal is about $30 more per person. The décor in this room feels like a royal parlor rather than a royal dining hall. Personally, I enjoyed the main dining room with exquisite artwork and live harpist. But if you prefer a quieter meal then the second dining room may be more to your taste.

An Exclusive meal in an already Exclusive Restaurant

The third dining option is the most exclusive in the park. The chef’s table is only open to one group per meal, and it is a first come first serve booking. This meal includes interaction with the chefs behind the culinary masterpieces as well as a personalized meal plan even more extensive than the ones in the other dining rooms.

But no matter which experience you choose there are extra magical touches waiting for you. First on the list is a personalized menu that you can take with you at the end of the meal. Second is the gift of a single rose for every female guest. And, if you’d like, you can add the wine pairing to your meal.

Wine Pairings

Ready to Serve

As with all Disney dining experiences Victoria and Albert’s is ready and waiting to accommodate all special dining needs. But if you have any special requests for accommodations you will need to tell the staff when you book. Each menu is personalized and expertly crafted to you and your group’s individual needs. So they need to know what you can and cannot have in your individual meal. This also means that unlike ADR’s for other Disney restaurants (and if you need to know more about ADR’s you can read our post on them), the staff at Victoria and Albert’s will be in touch with you long before you see the doors to the dining room.

And then comes the food

And imagine, that’s just what you need to know to prepare for a meal at Victoria and Albert’s! Our next post in this two-part series is a first-hand dining review of the most exclusive meal in Walt Disney World.

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