5 Last Minute Ways to Have A Magical Mother’s Day
5 Last Minute Ways to Have A Magical Mother’s Day
Kate K.

It’s Mother’s Day and you’ve had your traditional lunch and spent the afternoon with Mom, but now it’s the evening and you want to make the rest of the day just as special. If you’ve already made plans, then you’re all set for that fantastic evening. But, just in case you didn’t. Here are 5 Last Minutes ways to have a Magical Mother’s Day.

#5 Go on an adventure

If your Mom is the adventurous sort, then there are plenty of options for a quick splash of adrenalin on Mother’s day. You can head to iCon Orlando and book a trip on the brand new Skyliner. It’s the tallest structure in all of Orlando and the views are absolutely spectacular. And the best part is that you don’t have to have a prior reservation to enjoy the trip. Or you could check their app and book just before you go for a guaranteed spot and a slight discount.

Another Orlando Adventure is the Aerophile tethered balloon in Disney Springs. This balloon is the largest tethered helium balloon in the world! And it gives you spectacular views of Orlando and the Walt Disney World Properties as a whole!

Aerophile Characters in Flight Repaint

#4 Get an Ice Cream Sundae on SundayHave a Sunday on Mother's Day

There are plenty of Ice Cream Parlors in Walt Disney World and a couple of them are worth mentioning. The one you should try here is Beaches and Cream at the Disney Beach Club resort that sits between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. This is the home of Disney’s Kitchen Sink, which is a challenge and a half. But even if you and Mom aren’t feeling that adventurous, there are plenty of flavor combinations to choose from. Make sure to check you’re My Disney Experience app before you go for a last minute ADR, they do exist and you just might be lucky enough to get one! But don’t worry, if you can’t get in and you’re still craving some ice cream our number 1 pick has you covered.

#3 Sushi with your Strikes anyone?

Another great way to cap off a full day is with time at Splitsville bowling lanes in Disney Springs. This is a fun mix of retro theming, great sushi, ice cream, and bowling. And even if you and mom aren’t great at the sport, you can still have fun cheering each other on as you see who can get the lowest score without trying. Trust me, it’s just as fun as getting the highest score (and the game lasts longer too!)

Sushi with Your Strikes

#2 Do a World Showcase Mother’s Day Shopping Spree

The World Showcase is probably the best place in Walt Disney World for a leisurely stroll and a Mom themed shopping spree. Each of the pavilions has plenty to offer by way of snacking and shopping. Some of my favorite spots for spoiling Mom are Mitsukoshi in the Japan Pavillion and Givenchy in France. (Bonus: you can get a free makeover for you and mom here! And be sure to ask for Inez if she’s there, she’s the best in the business).

Other favorites include the Twining’s Tea Shop in Great Britain and the leather shop in Italy. Each of these options offers great gifts like jewelry, bags, hats, perfumes and the like. Of course, there are also unique sweets and Disney specific gear to be found without. And if your Mom is a fan of British TV, Video Games or any other aspect of geek culture (no judgment, I’m a member too!) then this is the place to go for that too! So grab mom and head to Epcot for the evening. And be sure to catch the evening show while you’re there!

#1 A Magical Magic Kingdom Mother’s Day (Evening)

There’s something wonderful about going to the Magic Kingdom at night. Especially if you don’t plan on going on more than one or two rides. Main Street USA is less crowded in the late afternoon right up until about 2 hours before the firework show, when people start staking out their spot for Happily Ever After.

So if you can get to the park either before that time, or if you’re really clever you can time it so that you get to the park just before the fireworks and then you can find a spot on Main Street. Good late arrival spots are the railway station, by the Ice Cream Parlor, or right on Main Street Proper. You can also try to find a spot by the Partners statue (the statue of Walt and Mickey).diWalt&Mickey Statue

After the show, take a few minutes to explore the shops. And stop into the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for a sweet treat. Or, if you can, book a last minute ADR at the Plaza restaurant. You’ll get the same ice cream options, but you can also get a late night snack. And you can sit inside the restaurant while the crowds exit the park.

After the crowds head out, take the time to walk around the hub, and up and down an almost empty main street. You can even get some end of the night rides in, pick Mom’s favorite and head over. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be in the park as it starts to close down. In some ways, that’s when it’s at its most magical. The crowds have headed home, and the park is almost empty and you can really take the time to look around you and soak in the magic while you head back to your home away from home for the evening.

Mom deserves the best, and these are just some little extras that can take a day that was great and turn it into a day that is Magical. So take the time to let your mom know how much she means to you!Mother's Day

Kate K.

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