The Orlando Vacation Mansion Trend
The Orlando Vacation Mansion Trend
Kate K.

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz around the internet about vacation mansions. It’s the hottest new trend in the vacation industry, mega mansions that can be rented by large groups to mitigate the cost. And we’re not just talking about the size of the homes either. These new vacation destinations are packed full of little extras that you used to only have access to through a hotel or resort. So what’s the deal with this new trend. Why does it work? What is the benefit of booking a vacation mansion over a smaller home, or a hotel? And is it a new trend at all? We’ve set out to answer these questions for you, though not necessarily in that order. So let’s dive into the facts about vacation mansions.

The Beautiful Captain's Quarters at Sunset - Captain's Quarters - 14 Bedroom Reunion Resort Mansion - Homes4uu

How New is this New Trend?

I keep reading articles about how vacation mansions are the new big thing. But are they really new? The answer is no…and yes. How can that be? Well, I’ll break it down for you.

The idea of spending your vacation in a mansion isn’t a new one at all. In reality, the first vacation homes were vacation mansions. You just couldn’t rent them for the weekend. Royalty had multiple palaces to travel to. And the upper classes had second homes they would retreat to when they needed a break from their day-to-day life. If you happened to have a friend that had a second home, then you had a chance of heading to a home away from home for a little while. (For more information about early vacation ideas you can head to last month’s blog post on a brief history of the modern vacation).

So heading to our main point: a vacation mansion isn’t a new idea, but the idea of building a mansion for the sole purpose of serving as a vacation rental property is. Over the last decade, the trend has grown, pushing the market in new directions. And as the homes grew, the goal became less about how many guests you could fit in one home, but how many amenities you could fit in one home. While you can choose a cheaper 15 bedroom home with a pool and game room, you could also pick a more pricy 11 bedroom home with a theater, game room, playroom, arcade, bowling alley etc. It all really depends on what you want.

Crazy Bowling Lanes - Marina - 9 Bedroom Luxury Orlando Vacation Home - Homes4uu

What can I gain from staying in one of these epic rentals?  

There are a couple of benefits to staying in a vacation mansion rather than a hotel or smaller home. First of all, is the cost per person ratio. Now let’s say your family wants to stay at a nice hotel, like a deluxe level hotel at Walt Disney World. The room alone would cost you about $300 a night for four people. That averages out to about $75 a person and all of that will fall to the single-family using the space. Smaller vacation homes can run cheaper, but you won’t have the same range of amenities that you can access with one of the larger mansions.

So with a vacation mansion, the cost per person can end up significantly lower. Let’s say a house runs at about $1000 a night, but you can book up to 28 individuals. Each person would be responsible for $36 a night. But that’s just one part of the whole package.

Added Bonuses

In addition to the lower upfront cost per person, you also have the added bonus of a massive gourmet kitchen to help you save by eating at home. On top of that, the extra amenities may just take you right over the top. With some houses boasting a pool, lazy river, pool bar, theater room, game room, bowling alley, conference rooms, multiple kitchens and more, a home is suddenly a fully functioning, perfectly private hotel booked just for you and whoever is with you.

Just think about it. You don’t have to go anywhere for a bite to eat after a day in the parks. Everything you need to make a meal is right there. If you want to swim, there’s no need to share the pool with people you don’t know. And if you need to travel with a group of adults, for any reason, you can expect a peaceful house without screaming toddlers or disgruntled neighbors.

Private Pool - Moonraker - 8 Bedroom Orlando Luxury Vacation Home - Homes4uu

The Private Pool at Moonraker, all yours and no need to share!

Events Made Easier

Another benefit to staying in one of these massive vacation mansions is that they are tailor-made for group travel. Large families, teams and corporate groups can stay together in one shared space.

That means that when its time to meet up before a day at the parks, or to discuss the latest business expansion, you don’t have to search for a quiet, communal space. You can gather around the dining room table. Or set up a meeting on a private balcony. You can even use the theater rooms as a presentation space, complete with snacks!

If you want to have an Orlando Destination Wedding, then this is the perfect solution for you! Your whole wedding party can stay in one house. Last minute fittings and details can be taken care of in private. And if you have a little too much fun celebrating before or after the wedding, you can head right in and not have to worry about disturbing any of the other guests on-premise, since they’re all with you!

You can plan a 007 themed New Years celebration and stay in Moonraker before heading to Orlando’s annual Bond costume event. Your group can book a trip for the Orlando Comicon. And top it off with a stay in Captain’s Chair with its Star Trek-themed media room. You can have your honeymoon is a castle. Or your cooperate event in a mansion. Book your next family reunion in a place private enough to bring you all together and big enough for you to be able to spread out. The possibilities are endless.

Theater Room Star Trek Themed - Captain's Chair - 9 Bedroom - Spectacular Destination With a Star Trek Theater Entertainment Center Vacation Home - Homes4uu

Welcome to Captain’s Chair. The home that is out of this world. Now all you’ve got to decide is who has the Con?

Why do the vacation mansions work so well?

We’ve covered the fact that the cost per share for one of these vacation rentals is comparable to a stay in a nice hotel. Or less in some cases. We’ve also gone over all the bells and whistles you can expect out of a well-built mansion. And the ways you can take advantage of the phenomenon. But why is this trend working so well?

I think it’s down to the psychology of what we really want when we go on vacation.

A vacation is a break from the real world. It’s a way to get away from the cares of your average everyday life. And what better way to break away from the average and every day than to spend time in a place where most of us would only dream of glimpsing. These homes are as spectacular as some of the Hollywood mansions we read about in the daily gossip rags. But for a limited amount of time, all that glitz and glamour is to experience. It’s ours to savor. It’s ours.

We can sit in a private sauna or Turkish bath and pamper ourselves for an afternoon without having to worry about a time limit. Or, we can snuggle down into mattresses that would cost us more than we make in a month if we bought them for home. We can test out gourmet level kitchens, or even have someone come in and cook for us. Game rooms fit for a king, private theaters for showing our favorite movies, and theming and décor that we can only dream of in our own homes. For a short period of time we can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and if there are enough people in our group, we can do it without breaking the bank.

I think that’s why this trend is gaining so much ground in recent years. It’s more than just taking a vacation, it’s about attaining the pinnacle of luxury, style, and class on any budget. We can live like a movie star, even if it’s only for a week. Why would we pass that up?

So if you’re heading to Orlando, think about getting a group together and renting a large home from us! You won’t be disappointed.

Spill-over Spa- Captain's Chair - 9 Bedroom - Luxury Orlando Vacation Home - Homes4uu

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