The Epcot International Flower and Garden Show
The Epcot International Flower and Garden Show
Kate K.

Epcot is unique among all the parks and attractions in the Orlando area as the park where the wonders of the known world meets the imagination and innovation of the future. This world’s fair ambiance makes Epcot the perfect host to some of Disney’s most iconic festivals and events. From a presentation of international art to a celebration of international food, these events are the highlights of the year. One of the best of these events is the Epcot International Flower and Garden Show.

And here at Homes4uu, we want to bring you all the information you could need to fully enjoy the festival. So join us as we go through what you can expect from a trip during the Flower and Garden Show

The Ambiance

The first thing you’ll notice when you get to the park is the abundance of topiaries, flowers and general gardening décor that has been placed throughout the park. These aren’t your average, garden-variety topiaries though; these are beautiful garden sculptures that depict characters and scenes from Disney’s iconic films. Topiary gardens in the past have featured characters like Anna and Elsa in Norway, Belle and the Beast in France, Mary Poppins in the UK and Mickey and Friends throughout Future World. The lineup varies from year to year, so its best to take the time to explore the park to discover which characters are out and about this year!

One of the biggest displays is the ‘Festival Blooms’ garden put in each year by FTD. This massive living mural surrounds Future World’s East and West lakes. One of the best views is from the Monorail as you are coming into the park. As a part of this beautiful show, you’ll also find the 100+ floating mini-gardens that drift on the water that surrounds the walkway between Future World and the World Showcase.

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival with Huey Dewey and Louie

The Showcase Gardens

Beyond the Topiaries and the larger sweeping garden displays, you can also find unique display gardens in each of the pavilions around the World Showcase and dotted through Future World.

In the UK pavilion, you can find the Twinning’s Tea Garden where you can see the herbs and spices that make up some of the brands best tea blends. And further into the pavilion, you can find the beautiful Shakespeare garden. In Morocco, you can find the Urban Spice garden where you will learn about the spices that were treasured in the ancient world. In Italy, you can walk through a culinary garden. There you can learn all about the foods you’d need to make Italian dishes and sauces.

In Japan, you’ll find a beautiful bonsai garden and in China, you can walk through a beautiful bamboo garden.

Newer gardens are the Tropical Rainforest Garden in the Mexico Pavilion, where you will learn about the plants and animals that have grown to thrive in the unique environments. The other new addition is the Imagination Play Garden near the Imagination Walkway. This fun garden includes a net play climber and a musical maze for the little ones to explore.


The Shows and exhibitsdisney-Epcot Flower show

One of the draws of the festival is the live demonstrations, showcase gardens and learning experiences available during the festival. There is a how to garden in Future World West where you can learn tips and tricks to take home to your own garden. In Germany, you can learn all about how Alpine plants can be adapted to container gardens in your own home.

Another longtime Epcot International Flower and Garden Show favorite is the Goodness Garden Butterfly House in the future world. Here you can see butterflies as they go through their life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly. This beautiful mini-pavilion can be found near innovations in Future World and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Keep in mind that this attraction closes early, so if you want to get a chance to walk with the butterflies you should try to get there around noon.

Royal Tea Garden Showtea-

Twinning’s Tea is a quaint set of shops located in the Great Britain pavilion in the World Showcase. This company knows tea. Which isn’t surprising since they’ve been bringing tea to the world since 1787. And they’re bringing that knowledge to the festival in the form of a tea garden tour. Have you ever wondered what herbs go into which teas? Then this is your chance to learn from the international masters of herbal tea!

There are two options for this event. The first is a breakfast and tea tour that happens every morning. The second is an afternoon tea garden tour that takes place twice in the afternoon. If you want to take part in the breakfast, though, you’ll have to book it in advance since space is limited. It only happens during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Show, so get tickets while you can!

Gardens of the World Tour

There is a not-so-secret set of events that Disney is famous for: the behind the scenes tours. These tours take guests inside the magic that goes into creating the perfect guest experiences. On the Gardens of the World Tour, one of Disney’s many skilled horticulturalists will take a group around the World Showcase and, ahem, showcase the gardens that have been painstakingly cultivated.

If this sounds interesting then you should be prepared to make a reservation. And wear your walking shoes as the tour lasts for 3 hours. Also, children under the age of 16 aren’t permitted to join the tour. This is because it does head into some ‘behind the scenes’ spaces that could possibly break the magic for younger guests. And if you enjoy tours then the Behind the Seeds tour is another option, though this one is available all year round.



Farm Fresh Foodsplatter-

Let’s face it; one of the biggest draws to Epcot is the food. Whether you are planning which countries to snack in during your trip, or which restaurants to add to your bucket list when you think Disney Dining, the offerings at Epcot are at the front of your mind. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the International Flower and Garden show has its own set of booths and kiosks full of delicious treats and snacks for you to try.

Of course, with the theme of the festival, the food kiosks are full to the brim with healthy choices and garden to table options. You’ll find veggie sushi rolls in Japan, local Floridian Favorites, and even a stand full of treats made with local Honey. The food stands are open from 11 AM to 9 PM daily. It would be wise to bring a debit card or have a magic band on hand though since some of the venues don’t have the capacity for cash transactions. Even if you aren’t staying on property you can still purchase a magic band (which you should regardless of where you’re staying). That way you can enjoy the full benefits available to you.

Scavenger Hunts, Special Gear, and More

Spike the Bee is the star of this year’s festival. And eager festival goers can join Spike on a park-wide scavenger hunt to celebrate. Purchase a map at one of the many kiosks and head to the World Showcase to pick up stickers to complete the hunt. When you’re done head back to one of the kiosks to turn in your map for a special mystery treat!

So What are you waiting for

All this and more is waiting for you during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. So head on down to Orlando and join in the fun.

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