Coming Attractions in Orlando in 2019 (Part 1)
Coming Attractions in Orlando in 2019 (Part 1)
Kate K.

We’re into the first month of 2019 and it’s the perfect time to take a look into what we can expect in the rest of this new year. Orlando has a lot coming its way in 2019, so much, in fact, that we’re splitting our coverage into two posts! This time we’re covering all that’s coming to Walt Disney World, Disney Springs, and the new land over at SeaWorld. Next time we’ll cover everything that’s coming to Universal Orlando, Legoland and the rest of Orlando!


Walt Disney Worldcinderella

2017 and 2018 were big years for Walt Disney World. The Pandora expansion opened in the Animal Kingdom in 2017 and Toy Story Land opened in the summer of 2018 in Hollywood Studios. Happily Ever After replaced Wishes, and the ground was broken for Ratatouille, the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster and Star Wars Land, all of which will open in 2020 and beyond. And there are plenty of additions and updates that are getting the parks ready for the 50th anniversary. But what’s slated for 2019?

Hollywood Studios

We’re going to start with Hollywood Studios, which is gearing up to get ready for one of the most anticipated new arrivals in recent years. Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars Land expansion for Hollywood Studios, is slated to open by the end of the year! This marks one of the most highly anticipated expansions and the second phase of the complete Hollywood Studios overhaul that started with Toy Story Land.

New details in the past few days include news that the Rise of the Resistance ride will be a whopping 28 minutes long! Now that isn’t the longest Disney Ride in park history, that would be the now-retired Ellen’s Energy Adventure, which lasted 45 minutes a ride. But this will be the longest ride in the parks, knocking the 20 minutes and 45 seconds you spend on the Carousel of Progress to second place! The other main attraction will put you on the Millennium Falcon itself, and according to rumors, how you do on this ride will impact the rest of your time on the planet Batuu (a.k.a Galaxy’s Edge). We’ll give you more updates on the new and as we get closer to the grand opening this fall.

Kid and Kylo Ren

Another new addition you can expect this year is Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad, which will open in the Chinese Theater ride space this summer. New shows in Hollywood studios will include an Incredible Meet and Greet and Lightning McQueen’s Race Academy for the younger guests. And speaking of entertainment: 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Lion King and the Animal Kingdom will be celebrating with the Hakuna Matata Dance Party at Discovery Island.

Up Up and Away with the Skyliner

Disney Transportation is getting a great new asset this year with the opening of the Skyliner. The Skyliner is set to open in Fall of 2019, presumably before Galaxy’s Edge opens. So if you’re in town for that even you’ll have another way to get around! The Skyliner will connect Hollywood Studios, Epcot, The Caribbean Beach Resort (And surrounding area) and the area between Pop Century and Art of Animation. This will be another option instead of the friendship cruise boats and the bus system for that side of the Walt Disney World Resort. We’ll keep you updated, as we get closer to the official opening of the new system.

The Map of the Area covered by the Skyliner

The Area Covered by the New Skyliner Courtesy of Google Earth

Disney Dining

Disney Springs will be welcoming a few new additions as well. The NBA experience will open up in the old Disney Quest space. Renowned Spanish American chef, Jose Andreas, will be opening his sixth signature restaurant space, Jaleo, this year as well. With a multi-level space and an extensive array of Tapas and Paellas to choose from, it’s sure to wow your taste buds. And a new version of Wolfgang Puck’s will open this year as well!

Construction and Closures

And on top of that, there are resort renovations and other construction work for the gondolas, and the new rides and attractions slated for 2020 and beyond. And there are a few rides that are slated for temporary closure as well because with great updates comes great changes and a bit of upheaval. In The Magic Kingdom, you can expect to find the Walt Disney World Railroad and the Tomorrowland Speedway to be closed for part of the year as they start construction on the new Tron Coaster that will be going up in the open space to the back and left of Space Mountain. But don’t worry, both rides will open again once construction gets further underway!fireworks-Illuminations

There is one permanent closure we’ll see this year though. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is going into retirement this summer. The show is much beloved and we are sad to see it go. But we are all eagerly awaiting announcements for the new show that will be taking its place. Details are kind of slim on the ground right now, but as that changes, we’ll keep you informed!


SeaWorld has been going through massive changes in the past few years. As they move more towards a well-balanced park, they continue to open and announce new rides and expansions. This year will see the opening of Land that incorporates an icon from America’s Childhood.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? No? No Worries, I can tell you. It’s in Orlando, or it will be by the end of the year. That’s right. While Disney is opening a land dedicated to Star Wars, SeaWorld is opening up Sesame Street, right down to Mr. Hooper’s Store, Big Bird’s Nest and Oscar’s trash can! This land will include six new rides and SeaWorld’s first-ever parade. Here are some of the rides you can expect in this fantastic new land!

Abby’s Flower Tower

This is a swing type ride where you fly in a flowerpot of your choosing high above Sesame Street.

Big Bird’s Twirl ‘n’ Whirl

In this ride, you’ll climb into one of the massive bird’s nest where you’ll spin teacup style.

Elmo’s Choo Choo Train

Elmo is looking for his favorite things, and he’s got a train full of friends to help him find them. Be ready to climb aboard and pitch in!

Cookie Monster’s Cookie Drop

This is a ‘family-friendly’ version of a drop ride. Cookie monster has dropped his cookies, and you, but don’t worry. This is a kid-friendly zone so it shouldn’t be too scary for the little ones.

Slimey’s Slider

According to rumors, in this ride, you will slide, glide, rock and whirl through Oscar’s compost pile with his pet slimy. Not sure how this one will turn out, but it sure sounds interesting!

Super Grover’s Boxcar Derby

And last but not least, you’ll be joining Super Grover in a race on his new roller coaster. It’s a ‘kiddie’ coaster that should be at about the same level as the Barnstormer in the Magic Kingdom or Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land. So it’s perfect for little guests, and families of all ages.

So that was part one of what you can expect to see as Coming Attractions in Orlando in 2019. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we cover Universal Orlando, Legoland and the rest of Orlando! universal-studios-singapore-2413365_1920

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