Coming Attractions in Orlando in 2019 (Part 2)
Coming Attractions in Orlando in 2019 (Part 2)
Kate K.

Last time on the Homes4uu Blog we covered coming attractions for Walt Disney World and SeaWorld. And while Galaxy’s Edge, the Skyliner and Sesame Street are all awesome additions to everything Orlando has to offer, there is still more to come with the other Orlando Parks! So let’s jump into more of what you can look forward to in 2019!

Universal OrlandoDiagon Alley Photo by Troy Jarrell on Unsplash

                                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Troy Jarrell on Unsplash

Universal Orlando has been going through a growth phase in the past few years. With the opening of Harry Potter and the renewed interest in spaces like Jurassic Park due to the new set of films, it’s been exciting to watch. But there is even more on the horizon for the film base theme park.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This expansion was massive, and unique in that it covered both of Universal’s parks in its scope. And while the Hogwarts express and other rides have been exciting and immersive, the expansion isn’t done growing. When the expansion opened in 2010, the Dueling Dragons coaster was re-themed to fit into the World of Harry Potter as the Dragon Challenge. But in 2017 the nearly 20-year-old coaster was retired to make way for what Universal is calling its most immersive and highly themed coaster the park has seen to date.

Not much is known about the coaster currently, but it is going to be more family friendly than the intense, inversion laced Dragon Challenge and it’s going to be themed after the Forbidden Forest. Which makes it a perfect addition to Hogsmead. And even though the artwork suggests that it’s going to be at least partially outside, the newest info is that the ride will be entirely indoors. This is so the ride can run no matter what the weather is doing.

New Harry Potter Coaster

Jurassic Park

The ground will also be breaking soon on Universal’s new Jurassic Park themed coaster. This coaster will be built around the Discovery Center in Islands of Adventure and is rumored to have its loading zone in the former location of the Raptor Encounter (which is getting rehomed). The coaster should be open in either late 2020 or early 2021.

Future Expansions

Something else to look for on the horizon at Universal is the announcements and closures that will come with the new Super Nintendo World expansion. The expansion will be opening in Japan this summer, with an immersive Mario Kart experience, life-sized castles from the games and more. And we can expect Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood to follow along shortly!

And there is even a rumor of a completely new third Universal Park set to open sometime in the next decade. This park is rumored to have multiple lands that may or may not include the bulk of the Nintendo expansion (with Zelda rumored to be located in IOA), a new Fantastic Beasts expansion, Jurassic World (not to be confused with Jurassic PARK), A DreamWorks land and perhaps even the Lord of the Rings land! There are even rumors that Star Trek will find a home in the Universal Studios parks as well! So stay tuned for news of a whole new world of attractions coming in the next few years.

LEGOLAND grandstand

LEGOLAND is joining in on the fun of introducing whole new worlds this spring. The LEGO MOVIE WORLD is LEGOLANDs newest, and most immersive, expansion to date. The land will put guests right in the middle of Emmet’s home Bricksberg. The land will feature three all-new rides. The first is a ride on Emmet’s flying couch called THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight. The second ride is an unconventional drop ride called Unikitty’s Disco Drop. This ride will take you up to Cloud Cuckoo Land before dropping you back down to Bricksberg.

The third is a shooting gallery style ride is called ‘Battle of Bricksberg’. This ride will have you aiming water cannons at moving targets to stop the DUPLO aliens. And Benny the Spaceman has built a massive space-themed playground for the little guests to play in! There will also be character meet and greets featuring Emmet, WildStyle and the rest of the LEGO MOVIE gang!

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Ok, so I know the label on the tin says attractions coming to Orlando. But with a drive of only a couple of hours, Tampa Bay isn’t so far away! And if you’re coming in the spring or summer the adventure just got a little more extreme. Tigris, the new thrilling roller coaster, is opening up this year.

It will boast three separate launch points, one that will even launch guests backward. Tigris also will offer a 150-foot skyward launch and an inverted heartline roll. The coaster will reach speeds of more than 60 miles per hour. It will be Florida’s tallest coaster launch and promises to be quite the thrill! So if you want a day away from the more traditional, and mainstream, theme parks, and just want a day to ride the roller coasters, then you can get in the car and head over to Busch Gardens. The Tigris will be waiting.

So that’s everything that you can expect in 2019 and beyond! Stay tuned as we keep you up to date with the latest on Galaxy’s Edge, Universals Expansion and more in the coming year! Happy 2019 to all of you, now get out there and have an adventure!

Kate K.

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