Part 2 of our Disney Resort Decoration Tour
Part 2 of our Disney Resort Decoration Tour
Kate K.

 Welcome back to the Homes4uu blog and part 2 of our Disney Resort Holiday Tour. In part one we introduced the idea of taking a day or two to explore everything the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer away from the parks.    Then in part two, we covered the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Coronado Springs,  and the Monorail Loop Resorts.    And we cover the Epcot Area Resorts, too.   Also in this post, we’ll cover the Disney Springs Area Resorts, the All-Star Resorts, Pop Century, and the Art of Animation.  Finally, we’ll head back to the Wilderness Campground and Fort Wilderness Lodge to cap off our decoration tour. So let’s begin!

Disney SpringsHot air Baloon

If you’re following along, then I’d suggest parking at Disney Springs for the first part of this afternoon. Why do I suggest this? Because, unlike parking at the TTC, or at any of other parks, parking in the Disney Springs lots is FREE. Yes, that’s right. Free. You can, of course, get Preferred parking for $10 or let the valet park it for $20.   But if you want to park yourself you can leave your vehicle until 2:00 Am.   So head to Disney Springs first and take the time to visit the Christmas shop, and walk the Christmas Tree Trail.

The Christmas Tree Trail

This is a newer addition to the Disney Resort Holiday decorations and attractions, with 2018 being the third year. Each tree on the trail is decorated with another theme. For example, this year there is a Beauty and the Beast tree done in Golds and Reds, A Princess and the Frog Tree, a Little Mermaid Tree, Sleeping Beauty with a Maleficent’s Staff at the top, Cinderella’s Tree and Snow White. There is a Frozen tree, a Dumbo Tree, a Robin Hood Tree and a Peter Pain Tree, 101 Dalmatians, and Pinocchio. There is a Disney Villains Tree, a Country Bears Jamboree Tree, a Haunted Mansion Tree, a Star Wars Tree, a Muppets Tree and finally a Disney Parks Tree with a Magic Kingdom Tree Topper.

The trees are set against giant ‘storybooks’ and each tree has ornaments with characters, phrases and places from the films. For example, the Haunted Mansion has the attic bride on the tree, in almost full size, as well as the little bride in a lantern. Each tree has a unique topper as well, like the Rose from Beauty and the Beast or Show posters surround each tree with phrases like ‘Lost Puppies’ and ‘Found Glass Slipper’.Cinderella Movie-GLASS SLIPPER

The trail doesn’t take long but is very enjoyable and a great photo op. And if you stop back on the way to your car you can even enjoy a light ‘snow fall’ (All Disney Snow brought to you by Soap Bubbles!).

Try walking down the Christmas Tree Trail,  then you can catch a boat to Port Orleans. The boat will drop you off in the French Quarter where you can take the time to explore a bit. Then you can hop on the boat to Riverside and then right back to Disney Springs for the next leg of your journey.

Port Orleans

Port Orleans has two sides, the French Quarter and Riverside. But the hotel is gorgeous. There are multiple trees, poinsettias, and massive garlands and wreaths everywhere. The Scat Cat Lounge is decorated, and so are the restaurants. Everything is in golds, purples, and greens with Mardi Gras masks and beads. Each balcony is showing garland swags across the banisters and large hanging wreaths on each lamp post.

Riverside has one massive tree in the middle of the lobby with gorgeous garlands between the pillars. This resort is a fun place to explore, there are plenty of little features like the Gators in the French Quarter, and the horse-drawn carriages in Riverside. And make sure to pick up some Beignets while you’re there!

 Then you can head back to Disney Springs for Lunch! So many choices…so little time.

Port Orleans Riverside Walt Disney World Resort Decoration Tours

Disney’s Old Key West and Saratoga Springs

Your Next Stop is off the beaten path. Old Key West was the first Disney Vacation Club resort, which means it’s not something more folks will get to book in their lifetime. But just because you aren’t staying doesn’t mean you can’t visit.

The decorations aren’t as massive as the monorail loop resort trees, but the little ones are cute with a tropical theme. And right next door is Saratoga Springs. Here you’ll find a nice tree and some garlands with plenty of Horses all around. To be honest, unless you are trying to visit every single resort, then these two are possibly skippable.

The All-Star Resorts, Pop Century and Art of Animation.

I tend to group these hotels together, but there are actually 3 separate All Star Resorts: All-Star Music, All-Star Sports, and All-Star Movies. These three, along with the Pop Century and Art of Animation are Disney’s Value Resorts and they’re décor is a bit more over the top than any of the other resorts. And by that I mean their décor included three-story statues and buildings themed after toys, films and even musical style.

Each All-Star is decorated to fit their themes with trees and wreaths decorated to fit their hotels. For example; in the All-Star Sports Resort you can find trees decorated with Soccer Balls, Baseballs, Footballs, Ice Skates and so much more. You can see the wreaths decorated with the same, and even some of the stars are covered with star-shaped wreaths! As you go you’ll find giant wreaths themed with each individual sports. And they even have snowfall on the giant football field. Last year there were even Cast Member wreathes that guests could vote on! You will also find trees and wreathes in the food court as well.Market orniments hanging*

All-Star Music and All-Star Movies Resorts have very similar decorations. At Music, you’ll find musical instruments on the trees, and music styled wreathes. And in the All-Star Movies, you’ll find ornaments themed like film reels and lots of gold. While these resorts don’t tend to have as many holiday-themed decorations, you can walk between the three of these hotels fairly quickly. So you can do a lot in a short amount of time.


More Resort Magic

The Art of Animation is also on the Value Resort bus route so you can take a bus from the All-Star resorts. The decorations are a little subtler, but only because the resort itself is beautifully decorated all year round. The main tree is in front of the Ink and Paint Shop and there are beautifully themed wreaths and garland as well.  You can cross the bridge over to Pop Century for some retro-themed Christmas. It’s a more classically themed Christmas with plenty of glass ornaments and lots of Santa Clauses, elves and other retro decorations.

All five hotels also have classic Christmas tunes playing in the lobby. Be sure to check out the shops and you’ll find some great Christmas gear and ornaments.  You can see all of these hotels in about an hour or so.   And after you can head on to the next destination!

Now you’ve hit all of the resorts but one: the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and the Fort Wilderness Lodge.

The Wilderness Lodgelog-cabin

This area is accessible by bus, or by taking a ferry ride from the Magic Kingdom. If you choose to leave your car at Disney Springs (and with free parking why would you move it?) then I’d suggest getting a bus to the Magic Kingdom and choosing the Ferry option.

The lodge is decorated from pillar to post, with garlands at the bus drop off, the ferry stop and every balcony along the way. Inside the lodge, you’ll find holiday window displays with winter wonderlands and cold weather gear. When you find the main lobby, you find one of the largest trees in the parks. It has antlers, and teepees and gorgeous decorations. There are whicker animals in lights, smaller trees with poinsettias and ribbons and so much more. The Whispering Canyon restaurant is also beautiful with different Christmas displays all around the main building.

Now you can head on over to the Campground.

Fort Wilderness

Now the campground is unique because it is not decorated by the cast members of Walt Disney World. Instead, guests have the option of decorating their own tent, campers, and campgrounds.   They supply the power at each camp space, all you have to do is bring your own lights. You can rent a golf cart and take a tour of the Campground on your own.

And you can cap off your adventure with a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the woods. The last ride of the night leaves at 8:00 PM so be sure you’re there before then! And then you can pick a destination for a late dinner. Whispering Canyon is a fan favorite if you can get a reservation! If not, you can head back to Disney Springs for a meal.   And take a nighttime tour of the Christmas Tree Trail.

LateNight Fun

An if you’re still in the mood for fun, Disney Springs is open later than most of Walt Disney World.  As long as you’re out of the Garage by 2:00 am you can explore to your heart’s content! Enjoy live music, holiday treats at Ghirardelli and so much more! Have fun and take your time! After all, there is so much to discover on a trip to Disney, if you take the time to find it!

Thanks for reading along and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season from the Homes4uu Blog!

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