Why Choose a Vacation Home for the Holiday
Why Choose a Vacation Home for the Holiday
Kate K.

Its the Holiday Season, and for Orlando that means one of the largest influx of guests from all over the world. And there are as many options for accommodations as there are attractions. You could rent a campsite for the holidays. Or you could book a hotel room. And then there’s our personal favorite: booking a vacation rental. But, with all the options available to you, why should you choose a Vacation Home for the Holiday?

That Feeling of Home

At the end of the day, even the most luxurious of Hotel suites still feel like Hotel suites. They feel exotic and new, but they don’t really feel like home. Most of the spaces in your room are shared with the whole family, and most of the amenities are shared with hundreds of other guests. And if you have a big group, you’ll have to split up, which means that family time has to be spent either crammed into one room or scoping out a semi-private space out in the public areas of the hotel. And if you’re doing things like opening gifts, or un-stuffing stockings, then you want to do so without having to share those moments with anyone who may walk by, or without feeling like a sardine.Infinity Pool at Twilight - Treasure Hunt - 8 Bedroom Hidden Mickey Vacation Home - Homes4uu

Vacation homes offer space to breathe during the holidays. You can enjoy amenities like kitchens, pools and game rooms without having to share that time with people you don’t know. And if you need a minute or two to breathe in between adventures, you have a front door that you can close and a quiet space to call your own. You can also take that space and fill it the decorations, laughter and even the smell of homemade Christmas treats that you can make in your very own kitchen. It’s like having the best of both worlds in one vacation: all the excitement of the Holidays in Orlando, and all the comforts of home rolled into one trip.

Decorating You Vacation Home for the Holiday

I won’t lie, I have seen some very creative decorations going on in hotel rooms at the holidays. This is especially true for Walt Disney World, where guests seem to pack as much as they can into windows, onto doors and even out on railings. But what if you could spend the holidays in Orlando, but still have your space decorated like you would do it at home? While you can’t bring down your whole collection of Christmas decorations, you can pack and ship a few boxes down the day before you go. Imagine, picking out your Christmas tree in Orlando, and then decorating with your favorite ornaments that you shipped right to your (temporary) front door! For other decorating ideas you can check out our post on trimming your vacation home for the holidays here.

Decorating a Vacation Home for the Holidays

Cooking for the Holidays

One of the best holiday traditions is cooking together. And for folks who book hotels during the Holidays, this is a tradition that they have to miss! But if you book a Vacation Home, you have access to state of the art kitchens and all the cookware you could possibly need! All you have to do is bring the groceries and your favorite holiday recipes. And while you can go out for Chrismas Dinner, you’ll need a way to make Christmas Breakfast for after opening gifts. And everyone should make at least one batch of Christmas Cookies. After all, Santa had to go out of his way to find you this year, so he’ll need those Christmas Cookies and Milk!

Leaving Cookies for Santa Clause

Opening Gifts on Christmas Morning, or Lighting the Menorah for Hannukah

There are moments over the holidays, no matter which one you celebrate, that are for you and your family to enjoy in the privacy of your own space. Moments like opening your stockings, or exchanging gifts on Christmas. And moments like lighting the candles in the Menorah for Hannukah. These moments are better when shared with your family in the comfort of a private living room or family room. Imagine a house with a fireplace, and the whole family gathered around for the festivities. And with homes in the Orlando area boasting up to 15 bedrooms, you could have the entire family in one place, with cousins, grandparents and more! The holidays are all about family, so find a place where the family can be together.

Quiet Times

The other benefit of choosing a Vacation Home for the Holidays is that you can carve out some quiet time for yourself if you need it. Let’s face it, the holidays can get pretty hectic. There are gifts to wrap, things to do and lots of time with the family. And that’s not even including time in the parks, holiday festivals, parades, dining experiences and everything else you can add in during a Holiday in Orlando. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to yourself. You can’t do that so easily in a hotel room. Typically you have at least two generations in each space, so if Mom needs 5 minutes to herself she either has to lock herself in the bathroom or book a spa day (which can be very expensive and hard to get over the busy holidays!).

But in a vacation home, you can head to your room and shut the door for a few minutes without having to worry about where the rest of the family has gone. Some of the larger homes even have spas, saunas and jacuzzis to aid in that relaxation as well. Just set the kids and teens up in the theater room, or one of the game rooms or playrooms and take a moment to breathe. That goes for Dads and grandparents too! Sometimes you need a few minutes to recharge your batteries to keep up with the younger ones!

Deluxe Spa - walk up soaking spa - 12 Bedroom Vacation Home - Mauretania - Homes4uu

Mauretania is one of our homes with a private spa. Shhhh! Grown-up relaxing!

Getting Everything In

One of the biggest benefits of a Vacation Home is that it acts as a staging ground for the rest of your vacation. Most hotels are attached to one of the theme parks. This is great if you only want to go to Disney, or only want to spend time in Universal, but it can get tricky when you want to start traveling between the parks!  So if you want to get to everything that Orlando has to offer, then why not choose a space at the center of all the action? 

And with your own free parking space, you can bring your own vehicle and not have to worry about missing the last bus home. Or you could even hire transportation during your trip (we recommend Always Superb Transportation). 

These are just some of the benefits of booking a Vacation Rental during the holiday. And these are extra benefits in addition to all the other reasons you should choose a vacation home! Happy Holidays everyone, and we hope to see you soon!LivingRoom-3- view from TV - Prince Royale - 11 Bedroom Vacation Home - Homes4uu



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