Trick or Treat Orlando Style
Trick or Treat Orlando Style
Kate K.


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 Let’s face it, the best part of Trick or Treat for any kid is coming home with mounds of candy. And if you’re planning on spending Halloween in Orlando then have no fear, you can still scare up quite a few treats if you know where to go. So here are a few of our picks for a spectacular Trick or Treating experience in Orlando Florida.

Important Safety Notes

Before we talk about the best trick or treating options available in the parks we need to go over some very important trick or treating ground rules that most folks don’t necessarily know.

Costume rules

PiratesWhile these rules really depend on where you go, it’s still important to know before you go. Most of the parks and places on this list have a couple of restrictions for costumes regardless of the age group.

First of all: no costume can drag on the ground. Now I know, having your Converse poking out underneath a ball gown can alter the look you’re little ones are going for. But safety has to come first and having a long costume can be a tripping hazard (I know this from experience…it’s a good rule!).

Secondly: No full masks or anything that completely covers the eyes. Again, this is to keep people from running into each other in low light areas.

Thirdly, no fake weapons with the exception of lightsabers. Other exceptions can apply but it varies from place to place so better safe than sorry! If you want a more thorough list of what is and isn’t acceptable we have a guide to dressing up at Disney. And for the most part, the rules there apply elsewhere else. We’ve got a bit more info on the Disney specific dress code, and most places follow the same rules that apply to party costumes at Disney so it’s a good place to start. 

Allergy Notices

Food allergies can be difficult to navigate, even more so during Halloween when most candies and treats come with a warning about peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and more. The solution to the problem is the Teal Trick or Treat bag, teal being the official color of food allergies. You can pick up a Teal bag at Disney if you’re participating in MNSSHP, or you can pick them up at most local drug stores. Kids carrying teal bags will be given allergy-friendly treats, small toys and the like. Meaning that the little ones can freely participate and the parents don’t need to worry.

Trick or Treat Sweets


Now, this rule isn’t something that is always enforced in your typical neighborhood setting. Some neighborhoods are set up so the kids can go from house to house without their parents following around, but if your Trick or Treating in Orlando then the little ones need to be accompanied by an adult.

Other rules may apply so it’s always good to pick up a guide map from the place you choose as soon as you get there. Now lets talk about options, because, quite frankly, you are going to be spoiled for choices.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has the best options for trick or treating in the Orlando area. And we’re not talking about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (Though we will in a moment). The best Trick or Treating run that you can experience in Walt Disney World can actually be had at the Fort Wilderness Campground Resort!

Each year, folks who are camping out on October 31st have the option of participating in the Trick or Treat extravaganza. Instead of heading to the parks for the evening, these happy guests can choose hand out snacks and treats to little ghouls. Participating camp spots are marked with a special sign, and many are even decorated for the event! And the best part of this experience: You don’t need a park ticket to participate! So if you’re staying nearby you can take your little ones over to the campground and they can go wild!

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a special ticketed event that takes place on select nights in the Magic Kingdom Park. Here guests can dress up and have a Halloween party like no other. And that includes getting treats from various treat stations along the way! It’s not quite like a traditional trick or treating, but with everything else going on you and the little ones will still have plenty of fun! Read more about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Here on the Homes4uu Blog. And if you are heading the party, you can pick up your Teal bag at the Town Square allergy center. With a teal bag, you’ll be able to collect special teal tokens to be traded in at select spots for allergy friendly treats!


We covered why Legoland is a place to go in October in Orlando, but this time we’re going to focus solely on the Brick or Treat Trail. Near the Pirates Cove, Legoland has set up a series of Bricktacular booths that the little ones can visit to say those magic words for the candy they want. This is for kids 12 and under only and runs from 3 to 7 on select evenings.

Orlando Neighborhoodshalloween-candy


It’s a little unconventional to suggest this, but there are good options away from the parks! So if you’re in the area, you could consider Trick or Treat in of the local communities and neighborhoods. Here are a couple of the more established events that you can choose from.

Winter Park

Winter Park isn’t typically on the itinerary for most Orlando vacationers. However, it is a local hotspot and there is quite a bit to see and to do. At Halloween, you’ll find a few events around this area, specifically in the Shady Park area. The event is called the 8th Annual Pumpkins and Munchkins Trick or Treat Trail. Its held from 6:30 to 8:30 on the 31st. The event also includes a costume contest, games and more, all for free! It may be a bit off your usual path, but it’s a fun location with plenty of shopping and dining options to choose from afterward.

Trick or Treat in Winter Park

Winter Garden

Winter Garden is another local favorite. Halloween fest is an annual event that includes craft vendors, a hay maze and more. The main draw, of course, is trick or treating among the local vendors. It’s a fun event that’s a little more low key, and a little more local. But sometimes the local events are the hidden gems that the rest of us tend to miss. It’s not the same as trick or treating in Fort Wilderness, but its an option. 

These are a few of your options for Trick or Treating while in the Orlando Area. No matter what you pick we here at the Homes4uu blog wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!

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