A Pirate’s Life For Me: a Pirate Themed Day at the Magic Kingdom
A Pirate’s Life For Me: a Pirate Themed Day at the Magic Kingdom
Kate K.

Ahoy Mateys, every year in the month of Septemb-arr there be a day entitled ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day”. So we here at the Homes4uu Blog be offering you 5 steps to having your very own pirate adventure at the Place where Magic be Living! Ahem. For those of you who don’t speak pirate, this week the Homes4uu blog is celebrating ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ with our picks for the best ways to have a high seas adventure in Walt Disney World. And the best park for anything pertaining to pirates is the Magic Kingdom and especially the Pirates of the Caribbean. So Welcome aboard and pack your peg legs and parrots, as we present our picks for the best Pirate themed attractions in Walt Disney World.

Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates

Step 1: Gear Up at The Pirate’s League

To start your adventure you need to head to, you guessed it, Adventureland! There you’ll start your transformation from Pirate fan to a full-blown crew member. The first stop we needs be takin’ on this journey is a place called the Pirate’s League. The Pirate’s League is where you can undergo a complete transformation from an everyday park goer to a swashbuckler, pirate empress, or even a mermaid. This experience is for all guests ages 3 and up, though only the smaller swashbucklers can get the full experience complete with costumes.

When you join the Pirate’s League, any pirate can get your hair done and your face painted. And every buccaneer, no matter how big or small, gets a sword and sash. Because you can’t be a pirate with the right effects, now can you mate? After getting geared up you can get a new pirate name before being sworn into the Pirate’s League. Now you’re ready for a crash course in Pirating via Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

Step 2: Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial

Now that you look the part, it’s best that ye learn the ways to be actin to be a proper pirate. So head over to the stage near the Pirates of the Caribbean to catch Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial. Here you’ll get proper on lesson in how to be a proper pirate. And if you have smaller seafarers with you, they may even get to be a part of the show.

Step 3: A Pirate’s Adventure Treasure of the Seven SeasPirates

So you look like a pirate, and you can act like a pirate. So now its time to take on a real pirate treasure hunt in the land of Adventure. As you journey from Frontierland into Adventureland, stop in the small Pirate shack on the right-hand side of the path. There you’ll sign onto the Captain Jack’s crew and be given one of 5 tasks to complete. As you follow the map, you’ll unlock interactive experiences all throughout Adventureland. These include skulls speaking in rhyme to a pirate sunk to the depths of Davey Jone’s Locker and more!

Each journey takes about 20 minutes in total, though you don’t have to conquer the entire task all at once. You can even go back for more and complete all 5 tasks to be officially welcomed into Captain Jack’s crew! This is a fun experience that I wouldn’t recommend skipping if only to see Adventureland come alive in exciting ways. After all, what pirate adventure would be complete without a map and a hidden treasure!

Step 4: Lunch at the Tortuga Tavern

After joining the crew and learning to be a pirate it’s best to take a moment or two to refuel in a tavern fit for a scallywag. With tasty treats like Turkey Legs and Short Ribs, the Tortuga Tavern is one of the heartiest Quick Service stops in the Magic Kingdom. Best bring your appetite, you’ll be needin’ it.

Step 5: Ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean

Now you’re ready to board a ship of your own and head out onto the Spanish Main. Head back through time to the days when Pirates ruled the seven seas to follow Jack Sparrow (Captain…its Captain Jack Sparrow) as he searches for his latest treasure. Keep an eye out for other familiar faces as you sail, and watch out for stray cannonballs!

Here Doggie Doggie = Pirates

Here’s a fun fact for you before we sail off into the sunset. Walt didn’t include the iconic Disneyland ride in his plans for the Magic Kingdom. He didn’t feel that his fun, fantastical version of buccaneers would hold water in a place where real pirates once lived. However, guest demand for the ride was so high that by Spring of 1972 plans were in the works to adapt the ride to the Florida park. It took over a year to complete, but in December 1973 guests were finally able to journey back to the days of Pirates.

The ride has gone through a few changes over the years, including the addition of characters from the films, and most recently with the change of roles for the famous redhead. And while the last change was a bit controversial, let’s just remember that Disney is a place where Dreams come true. The redhead has been dreaming of a new life as a pirate’s bride for decades. And now she gets to be a pirate herself. Ye can’t beat that matey.

So those arrrr our picks for the best way to have a pirate-themed day at Walt Disney World. We hoped you enjoyed our journey into all things piratey. And we hope to see you at the Magic Kingdom next year for Talk like a Pirate day.

Kate K.

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2 thoughts on “A Pirate’s Life For Me: a Pirate Themed Day at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. Bill Nye says:

    the pirate ride and area is my favorite in the Park. Just good fun and thanks for the inside info. and my question, does Johnny Depp really stop by and play a role? thanks, Bill. and I really enjoy your Disney info, such fun.

    1. Kate says:

      I love the area as well, and that’s a really good question! Now we’re talking about Walt Disney World in this particular post, though the ride first debuted in Disneyland back in 1967. Johnny Depp has surprised guests riding on Pirates of the Caribbean before, but, alas, that was always in Disneyland rather than the Magic Kingdom. I will say this though, I’ve seen Captain Jack in the shows, and while it’s not Johnny Depp, it’s still absolutely spot on! Thanks for commenting!

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