You’ve been planning your vacation for over a year. You’ve researched where you want to stay, booked your perfect vacation home and made the final payments. Your rental car is waiting, your flight has been booked and your park tickets are waiting for you to pick them up. But a few days before you’re set to leave something happens. You’re needed at work, a family member get sick, or any number of other ways your vacation could be derailed. Suddenly months of planning and thousands of dollars are at risk. So what now? Many ticketed events and tours are non-refundable, as are deposits for Vacation Homes and many other rentals. So how can you book with peace of mind: by adding Travel Insurance to your next family vacation. Here are some of the benefits available for your next trip.

Travel Delays? No Worries!

Sometimes air travel isn’t smooth sailing. Flights run behind schedule, making you miss vital connections and delaying your trip. Sometimes flights get cancelled leaving you with hours of wait time halfway between home and your destination. With travel insurance you can get coverage for these occurrences. Allianz, the company that Homes4uu offers coverage with has online flight tracking, so if your flight gets cancelled your refund will be sent to you automatically. This means you can find an alternative right away, without having to wait for the airline to process your refund. Which means you can be back on your way as quickly as possible! And if you find yourself spending the night in an airport, your coverage can even include hotel stays and meals while you wait to get on with your vacation, or to get back home.

Dude, Where’s My Bag?

Travel Insurance, lost luggage

Checking your bags can be convenient and stressful at the same time. Many essential items cannot be packed in a carryon unless they are less than 3 fluid ounces. So bottles of sunscreen, shampoo, and more must be packed in your checked bag, or you’ll find yourself purchasing them once you’ve reached sunny Florida. But what happens if your bag doesn’t arrive with you? Well, while the airlines are hunting down your wayward baggage, travel insurance gives you the ability to purchase your necessities with the knowledge that the purchases will be reimbursed.

And lets face it, not everyone has your best intentions at heart. So what do you do if someone takes your purse, or wallet, or even your suitcase? With Travel Insurance, you may be able to be reimbursed for the items that you are missing.

It’s Hurricane Season!

If you’re heading to Florida in the summer, you’re expecting plenty of sunshine, heat and humidity. But you may also find yourself facing down a hurricane. Depending on the forecast this can mean that beaches, events and even Theme parks may shut down during your trip. Your flight may be cancelled until the weather clears, meaning you miss out on days of your own trip. With Travel Insurance you may be able to be reimbursed for missed flights, unused tickets, all the way up to a full trip cancellation.

Traveller’s Flu, and other medical complications

Travel Insurance and the Doctor

It’s never fun to get sick on a trip. You end up having to sit on the sidelines instead of enjoying the activities you’ve been planning for months or years. But what if its more serious than a summer flu? What if you get hurt on vacation and end up having to head home, or worse to the hospital? Heath coverage may cover the medical end of things, but what about the rest of your trip?

Without Travel insurance you’ll have to accept the loss of time and money, which is something you shouldn’t have to worry about on top of an illness or injury. Depending on your plan, you can get reimbursed for the time and tickets you have to forego. You may even be covered for the costs of your injury or illness as well, since you may find yourself out of network if you get injured on a trip.

Last Minute Cancellations

Plans can change in a moment. Suddenly a trip that’s been planned, booked and paid for is no longer possible. Unfortunately, many parts of your trip are non-refundable when you get into the last month before you head out on your trip. That includes most of our vacation homes! But with Travel Insurance you can cancel at the very last minute and still get a full refund!

24/7 Assistance just for you

One of the best benefits that a Travel Insurance plan offers is that you will have 24/7 access to the services you need. Whether you need medical assistance in an unfamiliar city, need help with flights or luggage or anything else you can think of, your insurance agent will be able to help you! They can even help you find auto repair shops, or optometrists open on weekends in case you loose your prescriptions thanks to a rogue wave. If you need it, they can help you find it!

So why choose Travel Insurance?

Here at Homes4uu we offer insurance for all of our guests because we want you to book with peace of mind. That way, no matter what happens, or when it happens, you will be covered. So when you find your perfect vacation home away from home, ask for our Travel Insurance plans.

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