Orlando is one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet. With the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando and the rest of the area’s parks and attractions there is so much to do. But there are adventures to be had outside of the resorts and theme parks that can knock your socks off. Here are our top 5 picks for a highflying Orlando Adventure away from the parks.

Forever Florida Zip-line Experience

Our first highflying Orlando adventure takes you above the treetops as you ride the only zip-coaster in the USA. With a unique track design, you will find yourself flying through the air at up to 35 mph. You will have to climb up to the top of a 78-foot platform and launch yourself into the coaster, but it’s a one of a kind flying experience. There are two other zip-line adventures to be had at Forever Florida. The first is the Peregrine Plunge. This set of parallel zip-lines will send you soaring over 1300 feet at up to 30 miles per hour. The second is the Panther Pounce, a 78 foot controlled free-fall drop that was made with thrill seekers in mind. You can book a two-hour adventure for $80. Keep in mind that this experience is not recommended for anyone with neck or back injuries, and you cannot be pregnant and participate. You will need at least two people in your group as well. If this is something you’d like to try on your next Orlando trip, then you can book your adventure in advance.

Aerophile Balloon Ride

This hot air balloon experience (Formally known as Characters in Flight) can be found in the Disney Springs area of the Walt Disney World Resort. Adventures board a round gondola held up by a massive hot air balloon. The balloon is then let out via a massive tether that keeps you from floating away. You can go as high as 400 ft in the air where you float for a few breathtaking minutes before the balloon is pulled back down to earth. The view from the gondola includes all of Walt Disney World and much of the surrounding area. Depending on the day, visibility can be up to 20 miles in all directions! But keep in mind that the ride will not launch if the wind is over 28 mph in the air or 18mph on the ground. Speaking from experience, the ride is better on a placid day, as even a little wind can make it feel more like a boat than a balloon ride! The cost per person is $20 for adults and $15 for kids. You can even purchase a certificate commemorating your flight.

Aerophile Characters in Flight Repaint

iFly Orlando Sky Diving Experience

Located on International Drive near the Convention Center, iFly is an indoor adventure in flight. Imagine the thrill of sky diving without having to jump from an airplane. That’s what iFly can offer you. With a vertical wind tunnel that blasts out a powerful burst of air strong enough to take you soaring, you will literally be blown away. Each session costs roughly $65 and lasts about 2 hours, which is usually enough time for up to 2 sky dives. You start by signing in and signing a waiver for your flights. Then after viewing the current divers, you get training from a certified instructor. Then its time to gear up and dive in! To finish off your experience, you get to watch your instructors put on an air show of their own. So if iFly sounds like the adventure for you then you can book a flight for your next Orlando vacation.


The Orlando StarFlyer is one of the areas newest thrills. This amusement style ride is the tallest swing ride in the world, and one of the tallest structures in Central Florida. This adventure takes you over iDrive Orlando for unique views at incredible heights. The central pole is 450ft high, though your flight will take you to about 400 ft. in an open-air swing suspended from 8 chains. Don’t worry each chain can handle a load of 2400 lbs. And you have both a seat belt and a lap bar system that can only be unlocked by the ride operator. So the ride is safe, even at speeds of up to 45mph. That said, if you are a bit uneasy with heights, then this might not be the adventure for you. However, you feel that you have the courage to give it a go, then you can ride from $10 plus tax when you purchase tickets online in advance. Happy Flying!

iCon Orlando

The final entry on our list is one that the whole family can enjoy together. iCon Orlando, formerly the Orlando Eye, is a 400 foot tall Ferris Wheel overlooking the Orlando skyline. You can book a gondola and take a 30-minute journey to the top and back. This is by far the mildest of our high-flying adventures, but it still takes you to soaring heights. the experience opens at 10 in the morning and runs until 2 pm. The iCon also doubles as a light show, as the wheel dances with color after dark. Tickets start at $26 and you can even purchase an all-day pass for $38 a person! You can book online before your next trip to save time and money by going to their website.

5 Picks for a highflying Orlando Adventure Orlando Eye at Night

So those are our choices for the best highflying Orlando adventure for your next vacation. Which one do you think would suit you best? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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