Get Ready for Toy Story LandThe long-awaited opening of Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land is just around the corner! We here at Homes4uu couldn’t be more excited! In anticipation of the event, we’ve compiled a list of 7 things you should know about the newest WDW expansion before you go!

What’s the Deal with Toy Story Land:

One of the best parts of Walt Disney World is the spectacular theming and attention to detail that goes into each and every part of the parks. And it all starts with a story.

The Toy Story Land story starts with a day in Andy’s backyard.  Andy has pulled out all the stops this time, using all his tinker toys, blocks, a pizza planet playset, a Mega Coaster Play Kit, and more to build a Toy-sized fun land. And now that Andy’s gone back inside, his beloved toys have invited you to join in on the fun! So be prepared to shrink down to the size of a toy!

But Couldn’t I already do that in Toy Story Mania?

While guests have been able to enjoy plenty of Toy Story Fun in Pixar Place over the last few years, the expansion is going to…well, expand, Toy Story Mania. With a brand new entrance in the middle of Toy Story Land and a complete third track, the park hopes to decrease wait times for this Walt Disney World favorite and get more guests in on the Midway action! This does mean that the old entrance behind the now-closed Great Movie Ride will be shuttered. And what will become of Pixar Place without its entrance to any Pixar themed rides remains to be seen.

So then where is Toy Story Land Located?

Since Toy Story Mania isn’t being relocated (besides the entrance) Disney decided to use a portion of the land that once made up the now-retired Studio Backlot Tour. The main entrance to Toy Story Land will be located between the attraction building for Toy Story Midway Mania and Walt Disney Presents, the self-guided walking tour dedicated to the Man behind the mouse.

There is a second entrance to the park planned to tie it into the Star Wars expansion when it opens in 2019. This entrance will be very close to the old warehouse/loading dock for the Backlot Tour.

Toy Story Land Imagineering Graphic

So Besides A Bigger Toy Story Mania, What’s New in Toy Story Land?

Alongside the renovated Midway Mania, there are two brand new attractions coming to Hollywood Studios!

The first is the Alien Swirling Saucers.  Here Andy has combined from Pizza Planet with his Buzz Lightyear Playset creating the ultimate space adventure for any toy, or guest, to experience. The Alien Swirling Saucers seem to be very similar in ride design to both Woody’s Roundup in the newly opened Shanghai Disney Toy Story Land as well as Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in Radiator Springs located in California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort. In this version, however, you’re taking a ride with the Pizza Planet Aliens as they take you through ‘outer space’.

The final piece of Toy Story Land is the all-new Slinky Dog Coaster. The coaster is home to longtime Toy Story character Slinky Dog. Andy built this epic coaster out of a Mega Coaster Play Kit. He surrounded it with stacks of blocks and toys to race through. You’ll even spot memorable character cameos like Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl and Wheezy the Penguin who serenades riders as they head back to the station.

This coaster is closer in build to Goofy’s Sky School in the Magic Kingdom than any other WDW coaster. Its one of only three coasters in WDW that wasn’t built inside (like Space Mountain or Rock N’ Roller Coaster) or into the scenery. For the second kind of coaster think of Big Thunder Mountain, the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train or Expedition Everest where the ground rises and falls with the track so you never feel too far off the ground.

Slinky Dog Dash has two launches, multiple hills and even goes over the pathways at certain points.  This may make some folks a little more nervous than some of Disney’s other coasters, but have no fear, its still a family ride ready to welcome some of the smallest guests. Fun fact, this is the 8th coaster in Walt Disney World and only the second in Hollywood Studios! That brings the count to the Magic Kingdom with 4, Disney’s Animal Kingdom with 2 and Hollywood Studios with 2. Epcot currently has no rollercoasters, but that will be changing in the next few years. 

This all sounds great, but what are the height restrictions on the new rides?

There’s been a lot of talk about height restrictions and whether or not these new attractions are really ‘family friendly’. So here’s a breakdown of who can ride these rides! Let’s start with the newest coaster in Walt Disney World. In order to ride Slinky Dog Dash guests need to be 38” (or 3 foot 2 inches) tall. That is the average height of a three-year-old in the US so if this ride came in a box it would say Ages 3 and up (Hey, just like Mr. Potato Head!). For the Alien Swinging Saucers the height is only 32” which is just under 3 feet. This means that some two-year-olds and most three-year-olds, on average, should be able to ride with no problems.

What Else is Toy Story Land bringing to the Park?

What would any good park expansion be without a delicious new food venue to go with it? In the case of Toy Story Land, the new food will be coming to you at Woody’s Lunch Box. This lunch boxed shaped venue will be offering up modern takes on some memorable childhood favorites. So be on the lookout for new classics like Smore’s French Toast, Banana Split Yoghurt Parfaits, and Soda floats. Be sure to ask for a souvenir Alien Sipper while you’re there!

Toy Story Land: An International Phenomena

One last fun fact for you all, did you know that the Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land is the fourth Toy Story Land to hit the Disney Parks worldwide? The first opened in August 2010 at the Walt Disney Studios park in the Disneyland Paris resort. Just over a year later Hong Kong Disneyland got their own version complete with R.C. Racers, Slinky Dog Spin, Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop and more.

Then in April of this year, Toy Story Land Shanghai opened its doors. This also marked the first official expansion for Disney’s newest international park. And finally, we have Walt Disney World’s own version set to open in June of 2018. Out of all the expansions, the Walt Disney World version is the only one with a continuous track coaster (rather than the shuttle-coaster style R.C. Racers ride), a version of Midway Mania and the Alien Swinging Saucers version of the Woody’s Roundup/ Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree style of attraction.

So there are our ‘7 things you need to know about Toy Story land’. We hope they’ve made you just as excited as we are to go see the new expansion this summer! (Now where can I find one of those Mega Coaster Play Kit for my yard?)


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