Disney World Underground Tunnel System: The Utilidors

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The Magic Kingdom is the place where Magic Lives. It is where the unexpected is around every corner and, as it turns out, under every castle. The Magic Kingdom Cast Members from the Umpires serving you Hot Dogs over at Casey’s Corner to the big Mouse himself don’t have the most conventional route to work every day. Instead of coming in the back gates, or side gates and walking to their area of the park, cast members travel through a system of underground tunnels built under the attractions, restaurants and even the castle! 

The Utilidors

This massive system of ‘utilidors’ (or utility corridors, just shortened in true Disney fashion) was designed by Walt to keep the magic happening ‘off stage’ from appearing anywhere ‘on stage’. On stage meaning where the guests can see what’s going on! and off stage includes all of the areas behind the scenes. This means that if a restaurant needs restocked, the food travels through the tunnels. If a store is out of a specific shirt a cast member can go underground to pick up one up from the stock room or even from another shop! There are dressing areas, a cafeteria, break rooms and even a barber shop to help the cast stay picture perfect. There is even an integrated trash disposal system built in to the parks as well. It sucks trash from the park trashcans into a central trash receptacle! 

Dax and Central Hubs

Something else that you can find in the underground tunnel system is DAX. DAX is the central control for all the sounds for the attractions. The costume department, cast break rooms, and the stock rooms are all in the corridors as well.

This was all created so the magic never is broken for anyone visiting Walt Disney World. So the next time you visit the parks and see a cast member in costume, or an item in the shop, or more importantly, don’t see a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland, remember the tunnel system that makes the magic work!

Disney Utilidors


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