The Macy’s Holiday Parade is a mainstay of the holiday season in America. Thousands of families tune in to watch their favorite characters float down the streets of New York City every year. We all have our favorites from Spider-Man to the Red Power Ranger, Pikachu and more. There are Broadway acts to watch and marching bands to listen to and floats with cartoon characters, pop stars and cute kids in costume. But what happens when the parade is over for another Thanksgiving? Most folks think that the parade gets packed up and stored for another year. While that’s true of many of the floats and balloons, a good piece of the parade actually gets packed up and shipped south for the rest of the Holiday season. 

The Macy’s Holiday Parade in Universal Studios

In years past the parade starts out with the Universal version of Tom Turkey, it doesn’t move and blink like the antique float in NYC, but its still pretty fun! The balloons include Santa Clause, the Macy’s Stars, Virginia (From Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause) and more. The Floats vary from year to year, with characters from Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, the Minions and more of your favorite Universal Orlando characters. But keep in mind, just as each Macy’s Holiday Parade is different, so is the parade at Universal Studios!


Marching Bands and Rockets

What Macy’s parade would be complete without a marching band or two, or without a chorus line? High School Bands from around the country are invited to Universal Orlando to be the featured Marching band in the parade as they show off their musical chops. 

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

What holiday parade would be complete without a visit from Saint Nick himself? Each Parade ends with the Jolly old elf, and make sure you get your photographs because this is the only place you can find Santa in Universal Orlando during the holiday. (Though the Grinch is on hand all season long for photo ops). 

New in 2017

The parade got a new name and an expansion in 2017. Now called the Universal Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s the parade is a full 10 minutes longer than prior years and features brand new Universal exclusive floats and balloons from Despicable Me, Madagascar, Shreck and more! There are even new character-specific versions of the holiday classic songs, like the Minion’s version of Jingle Bells, and King Julian’s version of Santa Clause is Coming to Madagascar. 


Picking the Best Spot

The parade floats around Universal’s Production Center and New York.  The parade heads past the ‘Rockefeller’ tree, Twister, Shreck 4-D and more. You can even claim a spot in front of Macy’s!

Check out Universals Homepage for more information on this years holiday parade!


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