If you’re spending the holiday season on vacation you might find yourself missing all the holiday trimmings. So why not do up your vacation home in style? You can add your own decorations, bring wrapped gifts, even cook a holiday meal for your family. Here are some ways to get the most out of your vacation home for the holidays!

Trimming the Tree in your Vacation Home for the Holidays

While some vacation homes may come with the option of having a tree ready for you and your family not all of them do. When it comes to trimming the tree you can pack your favorite ornaments and bring them with you. This might be difficult if you are flying to Orlando, especially if you are bringing gifts along. But you can pack your favorites. If you have flat ornaments then you can bring a whole set to decorate the tree with. My favorite kinds of flat ornaments include lithographs and homemade photo ornaments. You can also buy popcorn for stringing and lights at the local Walmart or Rite Aid.

As for the tree itself, you can order an artificial tree on Amazon and have it shipped to your vacation rental property. You can also go find a live tree at one of the local Christmas tree sellers. Or you could purchase a small tabletop tree and pack it in a suitcase!

Tree - Dress up your Vacation Home for the Holidays

DIY Christmas Decorations

Another option for trimming your home away from home is to make a set of decorations for your vacation home. You can make paper chains for the tree and for the rest of the house. Origami ornaments and stars are also a beautiful option and you can even make snowflakes to hang on the windows and from the ceiling. All you need to do is pack some paper, scissors, and some string. Or you can head to a craft store in the area where you are staying as well!

Hanging your Stockings

Stockings are an easy solution to holiday trimmings. They pack well, they can be hung anywhere and it’s a great way to bring your family traditions down with you! It might be wise to bring stocking hangers with you so you can turn any surface into a mantlepiece. It’s also the perfect way to present any smaller gifts you pick up in the park, like holiday snacks or other small gifts!

Bring Wrapping Paper and Gifts

If you already have gifts that you want to give while you’re on vacation then you can pack them in your luggage. But be sure you have wrapping supplies with you since you can’t put wrapped packages in your luggage! Another option is to wrap all of your gifts before you head off on vacation and pack them in a box and ship them to your vacation home.

You can also give each person a few dollars for purchasing gifts while at the parks and stores in the area. You can do a ‘secret Santa’ style gift exchange or even a $10 Christmas.

Cook a Holiday Meal and Bake a Batch of Cookies

One of the best parts of staying in a Vacation Rental is access to a fully equipped kitchen. Many of these homes have been fitted with some of the highest end appliances on the market. The kitchens are stocked with all of the plates, tins, and flatware you need. But you will have to take a trip to the market for groceries. But a quick stop in a Publix and you can have all the trimmings for a full holiday meal! Buy a turkey, or ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and much more!

You can also make some spiced oranges with cloves and oranges, or even some stovetop potpourri with cinnamon sticks, oranges, and other holiday spices. And what Holiday would be complete without cookies in the oven? You can make your own, or you can purchase a batch of precooked cookies at the market. 

Cookies Dress up your Vacation Home for the Holidays




Have a Holiday Movie Marathon

Many of the grander vacation homes come with beautiful theater rooms equipped with stadium seating, surround sound and access to Netflix. You can bring your own holiday film collection to watch with the whole family. You can watch them in your pajamas and eat popcorn and have holiday cookies as you watch.

These are just a few ways to bring all of the trimmings of the season into your Vacation Home for the Holidays!

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