Private Pool HomesYou’re planning an Orlando vacation and you have just stumbled upon a unique idea you haven’t thought of before, Orlando vacation homes.   You like the idea of renting your own vacation home for the week and having your very own “private pool” is not a bad idea either.  Enter  Homes4UU  who has been offering Disney area homes for close to 18 years and offers two to nine bedroom homes sleeping 6 to 24 people.  The vacation home product has soared within the last few years and as such there is over 20,000 Orlando vacation homes in the Disney area currently. 

Private Pools:

Eating on the Deck of a Private PoolWhile going to a public pool, a water park, or even one of the community pools offered by many of our resorts is a fun way to spend the day, sometimes you and your family just need the time to quietly unwind together. What better way to do that than at your own vacation home in your own private pool? No need to keep a constant eye on where your stuff is, no need to worry when your kids run off to the snack bar or play areas and no worrying about bumping into strangers as you swim. It is true that the bigger pools have the draw of water slides and poolside grills, but you’ll have private family time with snacks from your own kitchen. And there’s no need to lug wet things back and forth when you are swimming right outside of your back door. What’s not to love about that? In fact one of the only complaints we ever get about the pools is that the kids just don’t want to leave them!

After Hours Swimming:

Most water parks and community pools have pool hours with few places being open past sundown and earlier than mid morning. This means that enjoy any of these places you have to plan to use part of a day that could be spent at one of the other local attractions. And while this may be a good way to unwind, you aren’t going to want to use all of your days up sitting by the pool. But with your own pool, you can take time out before or after a day at the parks to relax and cool off. Many of the homes also offer in ground hot tubs and spas as well, which is the perfect way to unwind after hours on your feet! (Keep in mind that the hot tubs require the ‘Heated Pool’ add-on to work!)

These are just two of the reasons to love having your own pool right there in your rental home. Of course there are other considerations to think about as well.

Is it Safe?

Florida law requires that all pools be enclosed with a barrier at lease 4 feet high with a self-locking gate mechanism that prevents accidental access from small children, so as long as the gate to the pool stays closed and your kids know the rules for no swimming without an adult (or responsible person) then you are good to go. Just remember that as with all private pools, there is no lifeguard, so if your family is going to spend a day in the pool, make sure the kids know the rules and are supervised at all times.

So why do I need a heated pool in the middle of Florida?

Private Spa and Private PoolMany people notice that   Homes4UU  offers a heated pool package as an add-on to homes with pools. But most don’t think that they’re going to need a heated pool in the middle of a Florida Summer. Funny thing about water, even on the hottest days the water is still cooler than the air temperature because it takes longer for water temperature to raise. The bigger the pool, the longer it takes. Most people don’t realize that even the big public pools are actually heated to a more comfortable water temperature, which is somewhere from 15 to 20 degrees below body temperature.

In ground pools usually keep a pretty steady cool temperature as well since the ground around them stays cool. And if you’re pool is under a lanai, its not even going to get the radiant heating from the sun. This means that the pool is going to stay pretty chilly all year round. Now that may feel pretty fantastic in the middle of a July day in Florida, but even then you’ll find yourself getting cooled off a bit quicker than you’d like.

Also, if the home you have your eye on has a hot tub or in ground spa, it will need to be turned on, which is part of the ‘heated pool’ package. So if you know your family is going to want to spend time in the pool before or after the parks then you may want to consider having the pool heat turned on for you before you get there.

So as you look for your next Orlando vacation home keep an eye out for one of our fantastic Private Pool Homes, they’re sure to make a splash on your next family vacation.


2 thoughts on “Why Choose a Private Pool Home”

  1. Jeff Lythgoe says:

    My family and I thinking of doing a trip to Honolulu Hawaii . Do you offer any homes there? If not do you know of any.

    1. Hello Jeff,

      We currently do not offer homes in Hawaii. Our suggestion would be to Google “Honolulu Vacation Homes” or similar. Sounds like a great trip. Have fun.

      Thanks for contacting Homes4uu — Tracy

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