The holiday season officially kicked off at Magic Kingdom Park with the return of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

Tips for Party Guests

There’s always something new to experience at Walt Disney World, and some experiences require a little bit more preparation than others do. So to make sure you will enjoy your very first Very Merry Christmas Party, here are some tips and tricks for you!

It is a Ticketed Event

Now, most experiences and attractions found in the Magic Kingdom park are included with your Magic Kingdom park ticket, however this isn’t the case for the holiday parties. On the days when the bash is scheduled only guests with an Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Ticket will be allowed to remain in the park, and you will be required to present your ticket for the attractions! The ticket can be purchased for an additional cost (and no, unused days in your Magic Your Way packages don’t count!). Its wise to buy your tickets before hand, as soon as you know when you’re going. Each night has a limited number of tickets available and they are first come first serve!

But that ticket can get you in Early!

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas PartyNow before I said that your park ticket can’t get you into the party, but as it turns out your party ticket can get you into the park as early as 4pm! And considering that the party doesn’t star until 7pm, that means you have three extra hours to spend exploring the wonders of the holidays at Magic Kingdom Park. So what I would suggest is this: spend the first half of your day at Disney Springs, (or enjoying your very own private pool or bowling alley in your vacation home) before heading over to the park for the day. This way you’ll need to have one less ticketed day on your package to balance out the cost of the individual party ticket. Oh, and during those extra three hours, make sure you head over to the Jingle Cruise, yes you read that right, because every year at Christmas time the Jungle Cruise gets an extra special holiday makeover turning it into the jolliest (and corniest) cruise this side of the Amazon!




Don’t Forget Your Special Events Map 


Even if you’ve done a bit of research before hand, you will want to pick up a map for the event as soon as you arrive. Not only will the map tell you where you need to go for each event, it also includes up to date show times and event listings! And it makes a fantastic souvenir when you’re finished

Grab some Free Cocoa and Cookies

As a part of your party package you are entitled to the complimentary hot Cocoa and Cookies found throughout the park. The cookies are festively decorated (with new designs each year) and there are healthy snack options available at each location if you want them!

Don’t Miss the Snow

One of the biggest draws of hitting the holiday party is the lack of the usual maddening crowds that hit the parks this time of the year. Instead of being jammed in front of Cinderella’s Castle trying to catch the fireworks over the very tall person in front of you, you’ll find yourself with a little bit of space to breathe. So find the perfect spot for the fireworks and make sure you get a place for the Christmas parade, because the rumors are true, it does snow. But don’t try to catch these flakes on your tongue. And be sure to watch your footing when the show is over! The ground can get a bit…’icy’. 

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade


Extra Special Meet and Greets

One of the best parts of the holiday parties are the special character meet and greets throughout the parks. Not only will Mickey, Minnie and friends be there but you might even have a chance to meet up with some of the rarer characters like the princess, and so much more. Be sure to comment on their costumes when you see them, it will make the interactions even more exciting!

So those are a few tips and tricks for enjoying Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! Happy Holidays!

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