Tracy Stephens President and CEO of Homes4uuOur very own Tracy Stephens, President and CEO of Homes4uu Vacation Homes, was recently interviewed by Florida Huddle, an annual travel trade show held in Florida.
Get to know Tracy, the man who brought you Homes4uu Vacation Homes, and why he loves the Florida travel and tourism industry so much.



Why is the Florida market important to you?
Florida continues to be a top destination for both the domestic & international markets. With our vast array of beach and attraction destinations, Florida has and will always be a very important market for us. Florida has a great drive market & is easily accessible by air from virtually all parts of the world. Homes4uu has a strong domestic presence so Florida in particular is a great market for Homes4uu.
Why is Florida Huddle a good fit for your company?
Florida Huddle provides us the opportunity of meeting new suppliers and destinations throughout the State of Florida. From beach to attraction destinations Florida Huddle is always well represented thus offering us the opportunity of meeting with & providing new & exciting destinations.
How many Huddles have you attended?
Funny, I have saved many badges throughout the years and just counted a total of 16 badges from Florida Huddle. Many are from various properties on the hotel side and the latest of course, with Homes4uu. I have probably attended more than 16 but that’s how many badges are in the trophy case.
How long have you been in the tourism industry?
I have served in the hospitality industry my entire career. I was employed by WDW for 13-years. I was in the hotel business for 10-years and Homes4uu will be celebrating 15 years in January, 2013. I feel very blessed at all the opportunities this industry has provided. From the many friendships established to the many destinations we are fortunate to find ourselves in. It is a very vibrant & ever-changing industry.
What is your favorite part of Florida Huddle?
Simply seeing & renewing industry friendships. It is such a good feeling walking into Florida Huddle & seeing so many people that you know and have traveled with over the years. You always meet new people and inevitably run into people that you may not have seen for many years. Florida Huddle brings people in our industry together in a more in-formal atmosphere than many of the larger shows.
On your first visit to Florida, where did you go?
I have lived in Florida all my life. I remember starting a savings account prior to the opening of Walt Disney World so that we could visit when it first opened. Well, when it did open, we went & I also had $400 left over which I used to buy my first car. I also spent a few summer vacations staying at little hotels in Daytona Beach back when you could double park during low tides and ride the little train up & down the beach for a quarter.
What is your favorite way to relax?
Cruising has been a good way to relax. I turn off the phone when we leave & turn it back on when we return. Cruising is a great way to help you unwind & forget about work for a while. I find it difficult to relax as I am constantly thinking about the business and ways to improve it. Movies also are very relaxing and tend to take you somewhere else for a couple of hours.
Music style you like most?
Easy listening, acoustic guitar & piano.
What is your favorite form of social media for personal use?
I have found that now, in addition to checking e-mails throughout the day that we also have to constantly review our social accounts including Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. These social media accounts are important for any business and needs constant updating.


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  1. Jeffrey Bosworth says:

    Great read Tracy!

    1. Thank UU so much Jeff for the nice comment. Tracy

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